Michigan Cheer Team Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the time commitment to be on the Michigan Cheer Team?

A: Team practices for Fall 2013 are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Strength and Conditioning workouts are required twice weekly at the Natatorium varsity weight room. Strength and Conditioning can be scheduled around each student's classes.

With training and games, Fall semester is approximately 14 hours per week, Winter semester is approximately 10 hours per week.
Q: What are the out of pocket expenses to be on the Michigan Cheer Team?

A: There are no out of pocket expenses. All practice gear, uniforms, warm-ups, shoes etc. are paid for by the Michigan Athletic Department.

All travel expenses: transportation, meals are paid for by the Michigan Athletic Department.

Per Diem is given for preseason training from August 19 to August 30, and for games cheered over breaks.
Q: Can I participate in Spring Tryouts if I have not yet been admitted for Fall 2013?

A: Occasionally on the date of Spring Tryouts there are high school seniors who have been wait listed or have not yet received a reply regarding their application for enrollment in the Fall. You may still tryout, providing you have all of the required documentation.

However, if you make the team, that will have NO IMPACT on your application for admission to the University of Michigan. Neither the Coaching Staff nor the Athletic Department will make any contact with Admissions in regards to your pending application.

It is possible that you could be selected for the team during April, then shortly afterwards find out that you have been denied admission to the University of Michigan. In that event you would be removed from the team roster.

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For further information about the University of Michigan Cheer Team, please email Coach St John at pstjohn@umich.edu.

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