Michigan Dance Team Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the time commitment like?

A: We practice on average 10 hours per week throughout the entire year. When competition season approaches we often schedule extra practice time. In addition to practice time we are at every men's home football and basketball games. We also perform at various other athletic events, performances, and pep rallies.
Q: Does the team practice in the summer?

A: Yes. We attend UDA college dance team camp in early August and sometime we will practice a few days before camp. The team also practices twice a day for two weeks before school starts.
Q: How many girls do you take on the team?

A: There is no set number of girls who are allowed to be on the team. When girls tryout, they are scored against a predetermined scale and awarded points based on their abilities in each area. This allows us to be flexible with the number of dancers we take for the team. If you are looking for numbers, we generally take about 20-25 (current members must re-tryout every year).
Q: What if I want to tryout for the team, but I cannot make it to the spring auditions?

A: Dancers can do a video audition. Please e-mail MDTadmin@umich.edu if you are interested in this option prior to our audition date in the spring. NOTE: Candidates can schedule a campus visit to tour the University the week of spring auditions.
Q: Does the Michigan Dance Team compete?

A: Yes, every year we attend the Universal Dance Association collegiate nationals in Orlando, Florida.
Q: What if I've never had dance team experience?

A: No problem. Many of the girls on the team did not have any dance team experience before joining the Michigan Dance Team. We have girls who have been studio dancers, rhythmic gymnasts, cheerleaders, as well as dance teamers.
Q: Are dance majors allowed to be on the team?

A: Yes. We welcome all majors, all years, even grad students. All students enrolled at the University of Michigan are eligible to make the team.
Q: Once you make the team, are you on it for good?

A: No. When you make the team, you become a member until the first day of the next spring tryout (that means you are also responsible for advertising for this tryout). The entire team must then re-tryout in spring. Before spring tryouts, the current team votes for captains for the following season. The captains run spring tryouts and do not have to re-tryout themselves.

Q: If I do dance team, will I have time to participate in anything else?

A: This totally depends on you. Dance takes up a considerable amount of time, but many of the girls on the team are in a sorority or involved in other groups on campus. Many girls also hold part-time jobs, are in the business school, or have a double major.

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