Michigan Players Selected in Major League Baseball Draft

Through 2016 Draft (1965-2016)
Player, Team, Round (and which pick if 1st round)
* indicates player did not sign

June Regular Phase
Brett Adcock, Houston Astros, 4th
Carmen Benedetti, Houston Astros, 12th
Evan Hill, Detroit Tigers, 24th
Jackson Lamb, St. Louis Cardinals, 35th
Harrison Wenson, Pittsburgh Pirates, 39th

June Regular Phase
Jacob Cronenworth, Tampa Bay Rays, 7th
Jackson Glines, Chicago White Sox, 10th
Travis Maezes, Kansas City Royals, 13th

June Regular Phase
James Bourque, Washington Nationals, 14th
Trent Szkutnik, Detroit Tigers, 20th

June Regular Phase
Michael O'Neill, New York Yankees, 3rd
Patrick Biondi, New York Mets, 9th

June Regular Phase
Tyler Mills, St. Louis Cardinals, 9th

June Regular Phase
Ryan LaMarre, Cincinnati Reds, 2nd
Matt Miller, Milwaukee Brewers, 5th
Alan Oaks, Florida Marlins, 8th
Tyler Burgoon, Seattle Mariners, 10th
Chris Berset, Cincinnati Reds, 20th

June Regular Phase
Chris Fetter, San Diego Padres, 9th

June Regular Phase
Jason Christian, Oakland A's, 5th
Zach Putnam, Cleveland Indians, 5th
Adam Abraham, Cleveland Indians, 13th
Nate Recknagel, Cleveland Indians, 19th
Michael Powers, New York Mets, 31st

June Regular Phase
Andrew Hess, Detroit Tigers, 19th
Doug Pickens, Cleveland Indians, 50th

June Regular Phase
Paul Hammond, Detroit Tigers, 35th

June Regular Phase
Chris Getz, Chicago White Sox, 4th
Clayton Richard, Chicago White Sox, 8th
Derek Feldkamp, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 9th
Jim Brauer, Florida Marlins, 9th
Michael Penn, Kansas City Royals, 11th
Kyle Bohm, Toronto Blue Jays, 16th
Jeff Kunkel, Detroit Tigers, 37th (signed after 2006 season)

June Regular Phase
*Derek Feldkamp, Toronto Blue Jays, 41st
*Jim Brauer, New York Mets, 42nd
Brandon Roberts, Cincinnati Reds, 45th

June Regular Phase
Jake Fox, Chicago Cubs, 3rd
Brock Koman, Houston Astros, 9th
*Jim Brauer, Colorado Rockies, 17th

June Regular Phase
Rich Hill, Chicago Cubs, 4th
Bobby Korecky, Philadelphia Phillies, 19th

June Regular Phase
*Rich Hill, California Angels, 7th
Bobby Wood, New York Yankees, 24th

June Regular Phase
David Parrish, New York Yankees, 1st (28th pick)

June Regular Phase
J.J. Putz, Seattle, 6th
Brian Bush, Philadelphia, 12th
Bobby Scales, San Diego, 14th
Mike Seestedt, Baltimore, 26th

June Regular Phase
Brian Berryman, San Diego, 7th
*J.J. Putz, Minnesota, 17th
Derek Besco, Detroit, 25th
*Mike Cervenak, Oakland A's, 43rd

No Selections

June Regular Phase
Kelly Dransfeldt, Texas, 2nd
*Brian Steinbach, Milwaukee Brewers, 54th

June Regular Phase
Brian Simmons, Chicago White Sox, 2nd
Scott Weaver, Detroit, 8th
Ryan Van Oeveren, Montreal 26th
Matt Ferullo, New York Mets, 31st

June Regular Phase
Heath Murray, San Diego, 3rd
Ray Ricken, New York Yankees, 5th
Ron Hollis, Los Angeles, 10th
Chris Newton, Detroit, 27th

June Regular Phase
Nate Holdren, Colorado, 16th

June Regular Phase
Dennis Konuszewski, Pittsburgh, 9th

June Regular Phase
Russell Brock, Oakland, 2nd
Tim Flannelly, New York Yankees, 3rd
Jason Pfaff, Detroit, 8th
Mike Matheny, Milwaukee Brewers, 8th
Andy Fairman, Milwaukee Brewers, 24th
Dan Ruff, Detroit, 31st

June Regular Phase
Kirt Ojala, New York Yankees, 4th
Matt Morse, Minnesota, 19th
Greg Haeger, Detroit, 21st
*Greg McMurtry, Detroit, 27th

June Regular Phase
Ross Powell, Cincinnati, 3rd
Mike Grimes, Oakland, 3rd
Tim Lata, St. Louis, 36th
John Locker, Boston, 40th

June Regular Phase
Jim Abbott, California, 1st (8th pick)
Bill St. Peter, Chicago Cubs, 7th
Mike Ignasiak, Milwaukee Brewers, 8th
Steve Finken, Los Angeles, 21st
*Mike Gillette, Kansas City Royals, 34th
Chris Lutz, Chicago Cubs, 43rd
Tom Brock, Seattle, 46th

June Regular Phase
*Mike Ignasiak, St. Louis, 4th
*Jim Agemy, New York Yankees, 51st

June Regular Phase
Casey Close, New York Yankees, 7th
Hal Morris, New York Yankees, 8th
Dan Disher, Seattle, 10th
Scott Kamieniecki, New York Yankees, 14th
David Karasinski, Atlanta, 42nd

June Regular Phase
Barry Larkin, Cincinnati, 1st (4th pick)
Mike Watters, Los Angeles, 2nd
*Scott Kamieniecki, Milwaukee Brewers, 23rd
*Dan Disher, Detroit, 27th

June Regular Phase
Gary Wayne, Montreal 4th
*Gary Grant, Milwaukee Brewers, 16th
*Bill Shuta, Detroit, 34th

June Regular Phase
Rich Stoll, Montreal, 1st (14th pick)
Chris Sabo, Cincinnati, 2nd
Dave Kopf, Chicago Cubs, 3rd
Jeff Jacobson, Baltimore, 11th
*Gary Wayne, Oakland, 23rd

June Regular Phase
Steve Ontiveros, Oakland, 2nd
Tony Evans, Cincinnati, 6th
Jim Paciorek, Milwaukee Brewers, 8th
John Young, Detroit, 19th
*Jeff Jacobson, Detroit, 27th

June Regular Phase
Scot Elam, Toronto, 10th
*Jim Paciorek, Cleveland, 14th
Gerry Hool, Toronto, 15th
Mark Clinton, Houston, 17th

June Regular Phase
George Foussianes, Detroit, 36th

June Regular Phase
Rick Leach, Detroit, 1st (13th pick)
Steve Howe, Los Angeles, 1st (16th pick)
Steve Perry, Los Angeles, 1st (25th pick)
*George Foussianes, Montreal, 28th

June Regular Phase
Mike Parker, San Diego, 8th
*Rick Leach, Philadelphia, 24th
David Chapman, Texas, 37th

No Selections

June Regular Phase
Lary Sorensen, Milwaukee Brewers, 8th
Dick Walterhouse, Pittsburgh, 19th

June Regular Phase
Chuck Rogers, Chicago Cubs, 8th
Tom Joyce, Chicago White Sox, 27th
*James (Randy) Hackney, Chicago Cubs, 29th

June Regular Phase
John Lonchar, Minnesota, 7th

June Regular Phase
Mark Crane, Philadelphia, 13th
*Tom Kettinger, Pittsburgh, 30th

June Regular Phase
Michael Elwood, California, 5th
Leon Roberts, Detroit, 10th

June Secondary Phase
Jim Burton, Boston, 1st
Dan Fife, Detroit, 2nd

June Secondary Phase
Tom Lundstedt, Chicago Cubs, 1st

January Secondary Phase
John Hurley, Minnesota, 1st
June Regular Phase
Glen Redmon, Chicago White Sox, 19th

January Secondary Phase
Geoff Zahn, Los Angeles, 5th
June Secondary Phase
Elliott Maddox, Detroit, 1st
Steve Evans, St. Louis, 1st
*John Hurley, Detroit, 2nd
*Dave Renkiewicz, Chicago White Sox, 4th
*Gerald Christman, San Francisco, 6th

January Secondary Phase
Nikola Radakovik, Houston, 2nd
*Geoff Zahn, Boston, 5th
*Bill Zepp, Boston, 7th
June Regular Phase
Leslie Tanona, Detroit, 4th
*Keith Spicer, Minnesota, 18th
June Secondary Phase
*Geoff Zahn, Detroit, 2nd
*Dave Renkiewicz, Chicago White Sox, 6th
*John Hurley, Chicago White Sox, 15th

January Secondary Phase
*Bob Reed, Washington, 2nd
*Richard Schryer, Chicago White Sox, 6th
June Regular Phase
Robert Gilhooley, Detroit, 3rd
*Nikola Radakovik, Kansas City A's, 10th
Chandler Simonds, Detroit, 12th
Ted Sizemore, Los Angeles, 15th
*Cazzie Russell, Kansas City A's, 27th
*Geoff Zahn, Chicago White Sox, 34th
June Secondary Phase
Bob Reed, Detroit, 2nd
Richard Schryer, Los Angeles, 2nd
*Bill Zepp, Detroit, 8th

June Regular Phase
*Bob Reed, Detroit, 4th
Carl Cmejrek, Baltimore, 24th
*Bill Zepp, Milwaukee Braves, 33rd

Michigan 1st Round Choices
June Regular Phase Only

Barry Larkin
1985, Cincinnati (4th)
Jim Abbott
1988, California (8th)
Rick Leach
1979, Detroit (13th)
Rich Stoll
1983, Montreal (14th)
Steve Howe
1979, Los Angeles (16th)
Steve Perry
1979, Los Angeles (25th)
David Parrish
2000, New York Yankees (28th)

1979 - First time three first-round picks from one school

Michigan Special Picks

Name Year Team Choice
Cazzie Russell 1966 Kansas City A's 27th round *Was also 1st pick in NBA Draft
Gary Grant 1984 Milwaukee Brewers 16th round *U-M basketball incoming freshman
Greg McMurtry 1986 Boston 1st round (14th pick) *U-M football/baseball incoming freshman

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