Michigan Athletics Endowed Scholarship Program
The Michigan Athletics Endowed Scholarship Program provides educational assistance to our student-athletes as they strive for academic and athletic excellence. These private funds are essential in attracting the best and brightest young people to our 25 varsity sports, and for maintaining a strong financial foundation for Michigan Athletics. The commitment, discipline and talent of our student-athletes and coaches have inspired our donors. They contribute at five different levels from aid for books and fees, to full scholarships that benefit hundreds of Wolverines. This wide-ranging and crucial support preserves the tradition and builds the future of Michigan Athletics.

Jim Campbell Baseball Scholarship
Though a graduate of Ohio State, Jim Campbell expressed his respect for Michigan athletics and its coaches with a bequest. As leader of the Detroit Tigers baseball club, he maintained close ties to the Michigan athletics program. Upon his death, an endowment was established to honor a player from the sport Jim loved and to which he gave so much.

Past Recipients
1997-98: Mike Seestedt
1998-99: Bryan Cranson
1999-2000: David Parrish
2000-01: Bryce Ralston
2001-02: Brock Koman
2002-03: Jim Brauer
2003-04: Jeff Kunkel
2004-05: Derek Feldkamp
2005-06: Jeff Niemiec
2006-07: Ben Jenzen
2007-08: Derek VanBuskirk
2008-09: Mike Wilson
2009-10: Alan Oaks

William B. Giles Scholarship for Baseball
William "Buck" Giles lettered in baseball in 1924-25. He never lost pride in his accomplishments as a Wolverine. In gratitude to the University and the baseball program for the many opportunities and doors opened to him, he has endowed a scholarship to be awarded to a worthy baseball player.

Past Recipients
1998-99: Jason Alcaraz
1999-2000: Scott Tousa
2000-01: Alex Coleman
2001-02: Bobby Korecky
2002-03: Jake Fox
2003-04: Chris Burhans
2004-05: Jeff Kunkel
2005-06: Andrew Hess, Brad Roblin
2006-07: Adam Abraham, Dan Lentz
2007-08: Michael Powers, Nate Recknagel
2008-09: Matt Miller, Anthony Toth
2009-10: Tyler Burgoon, Patrick Biondi

Marlin H. Pemberton Baseball Scholarship
Marlin Pemberton was a fine Michigan student-athlete and a successful businessman. Through his foresight and with the support of his wife, Kathi L. Morrow Pemberton, a baseball scholarship was established. This scholarship commemorates Marlin's love for the University and his desire to help future U-M student-athletes experience the rewards of college athletics.

Past Recipients
1995-96: Mark Temple
1996-97: Brian Steinbach
1997-98: Ryan Kelley
1998-99: Mike Seestedt
1999-2000: Bryce Ralston
2000-01: Bobby Korecky
2001-02: Jordan Cantalamessa
2002-03: Brock Koman
2003-04: Drew Taylor
2004-05: Paul Hammond
2005-06: Doug Pickens
2006-07: Derek VanBuskirk
2007-08: Chris Fetter
2008-09: Jeff DeCarlo
2009-10: Travis Smith

Samuel L. Westerman Foundation Scholarship for Baseball
Samuel Westerman took great pride in Michigan athletics and baseball in particular. This scholarship is presented to a member of the U-M baseball team who shows potential to contribute to the team and who exhibits the attitude to further his education and attain a degree from the university.

Past Recipients
1995-96: Brian Steinbach
1996-97: Kirk Beermann
1997-98: Jason Alcaraz
1998-99: Bryan Besco
1999-2000: Bryan Cranson
2000-01: Bobby Wood
2001-02: Jeff Trzos
2002-03: Tim Leveque
2003-04: Bobby Garza
2004-05: Drew Taylor
2005-06: Mike Schmidt
2006-07: Brad Roblin
2007-08: Kevin Cislo
2008-09: Alan Oaks
2009-10: Jeff DeCarlo

Moby Benedict Scholarship for Baseball
Michigan All-American George Foussianes, along with Andrew Bressler and other donors, have established a scholarship in honor of Moby Benedict who was a shortstop for Michigan from 1953-56 and served as captain in 1956. He was an assistant coach under Don Lund and was head coach from 1963-79, winning 367 games. His uniform jersey No. 1 was retired following his final game as coach in 1979. In honor of Moby's commitment to Michigan Athletics, this scholarship is awarded annually to an upperclassman who has demonstrated leadership, a strong work ethic, integrity, a balance between athletics and academics, and a keen love for the University of Michigan.

Past Recipients
2004-05: A.J. Scheidt
2005-06: Jeff Kunkel
2006-07: Eric Rose
2007-08: Jason Christian
2008-09: Travis Smith
2009-10: Chris Berset

Buzz Newton Scholarship for Baseball
Ray E. "Buzz" Newton, a baseball team member under Wolverine coach Ray Fisher, and son Chris Newton, who lettered from 1991-94 and was drafted by Detroit in 1994, credit their personal and business success to the academic preparation and athletic discipline they received at Michigan. This scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding member of the Michigan baseball team who demonstrates dedication to the team, his teammates and to the University, and who will carry on the tradition of academics and athletic excellence.

Past Recipients
2004-05: Chris Getz
2005-06: Paul Hammond
2006-07: Andrew Hess
2007-08: Chris Berset
2008-09: Eric Katzman
2009-10: Matt Miller

Foussianes Family Scholarship for Baseball
After an outstanding career with the Michigan baseball team and a stint in the minor leagues, George took the skills he developed in the classroom into the business world. Using the talents shown in his days at U-M, he is a respected member of Goldman, Sachs and Co., in New York City. He has been recognized as an outstanding graduate of the athletic program and his appreciation for his experiences at Michigan led him to endow a baseball scholarship.

Past Recipients
1998-99: Ryan Kelley
1999-2000: Kevin Quinn
2000-01: Jeff Trzos
2001-02: Tim Leveque
2002-03: Matt Collins
2003-04: Michael Penn
2004-05: Kyle Bohm
2005-06: A.J. Scheidt
2006-07: Leif Mahler
2007-08: Adam Abraham
2008-09: Kevin Cislo
2009-10: Ryan LaMarre

Don Lund/Ray Fisher Scholarship for Baseball
Jim Mulchay married an Ann Arbor resident and became a fan of Michigan athletics, particularly the baseball program. He respected the accomplishments of coach Ray Fisher and player/coach Don Lund. Mulchay's career took him away from Ann Arbor, but he continued to follow the program, and now endows a scholarship in honor of those two men whom he holds in high regard.

Past Recipients
2000-01: Scott Tousa
2001-02: Alex Coleman
2002-03: Brandon Roberts
2003-04: Nick Rudden
2004-05: Michael Penn
2005-06: Eric Rose
2006-07: Doug Pickens
2007-08: Zach Putnam
2008-09: Ryan LaMarre
2009-10: Mike Dufek

Walter S. Harms Baseball Scholarship
Walter Harms loved Michigan baseball. A scholarship for the Wolverine baseball program was established through the efforts of his family, Georgina Rowe and George and Marguerite Harms. This scholarship benefits young men who love baseball and desire an education.

Past Recipients
1995-96: Chad Chapman
1996-97: John Arvai
1997-98: Tyler Steketee
1998-99: Brian Kalczynski
1999-2000: Mike Seestedt
2000-01: Blake Rutkowski
2001-02: Scott Tousa
2002-03: Alex Coleman
2003-04: Brandon Roberts
2004-05: Nick Rudden
2005-06: Leif Mahler
2006-07: Nate Recknagel
2007-08: Mike Wilson
2008-09: Chris Berset
2009-10: Anthony Toth

Ray Fisher Scholarship for Baseball
Arthur Dole III pitched for Michigan in 1947 and '48 under coach Ray Fisher. This guidance culminated in 1948 when Dole became the No. 1 pitcher and the team claimed the Big Nine Conference championship. This scholarship honors the example of Ray Fisher and those who strive to excel in the classrooms and playing fields at U-M.

Past Recipients
2005-06: Drew Taylor
2006-07: Chris Fetter
2007-08: Leif Mahler
2008-09: Chris Fetter
2009-10: Eric Katzman

Connie & Arnold Pohs Scholarship for Baseball
In 1945, at the end of a hopeful summer of hard work and Yankee baseball games, Arnold Pohs boarded a train for Ann Arbor. The U-M sophomore struck up a conversation with a beautiful freshman named Connie, not knowing he was speaking to his future wife. Connie and Arnold believe they have been richly blessed in their marriage and careers. Their abiding love for each other, Michigan and baseball have prompted them to provide a scholarship so that every year, a young Michigan man gets a chance to belt it out of the park.

Past Recipients
2007-08: Ben Jenzen
2008-09: Tyler Burgoon
2009-10: Kolby Wood