Bartelstein Blog: The Ohio Game, The Funny Story, The Votes for Coach
Josh Bartelstein

Feb. 1, 2012

What's up everyone?

We are coming off a tough loss against Ohio, one in which we didn't feel like we played our best, but we have to give them credit for playing pretty good on their home court. However, the best part of that game is they have to make the trip to Ann Arbor and play in front of our great fans. We will be more than ready for the return matchup. Remember that game we will also have College GameDay on campus! It should be a great atmosphere at Crisler.

Before we can even think about Ohio, we must focus on Indiana, who we play tonight.

We lost to them in Bloomington, Ind., in what was a very good game. However, it was a game where we made mistakes that we shouldn't make and have improved upon since then. When we watched the tape of the game in practice yesterday, we saw how much better we are in so many areas since that first time we met. We know Indiana is great in transition and plays at an extremely fast pace. It will be a key for us winning tomorrow and something we have worked on the last couple days of practice.

Now it may be hard for us to simulate the speed of Indiana, but we have a secret weapon that no other team in the country has. That secret weapon is the one and only LaVall Jordan.

For the last couple of weeks, Coach Jordan has continued to help out our scout team by being that speed demon he "thinks" he is on the court. In all seriousness, coach Jordan is a really good player; he starred at Butler, played overseas and in the D league.

I have talked about it before, but for a young point guard, there is no one better to learn from than coach Jordan. On the court however, he at times can over dribble. I can remember a couple too many times I have been wide open and coach Jordan has taken a questionable shot instead. We might have to break down the film of him coming up if this continues.

Now onto one of the funnier stories that has taken place at my time in Michigan.

Actually, it is second only to the Corey Pearson falling on top of a ball story that I think I have shared with everyone. It involves Matt Sawyer, one of our head managers -- who does a great job, but I have to tell this story.

Matt and all the managers work very hard at rebounding basketballs during practice, but especially before a game. Everyone is on edge and it is important guys get their shots up. Well a couple games ago, Matt was rebounding under the basket and he was about to throw a ball out to Zack Novak when at the same time Sai Tummala threw a ball from under the basket. (Important side note: don't mess with captain Zack before a game).

In what seemed like slow motion, the balls collided and one ball hit Matt in a place a guy never wants to ever be hit. He was in an incredible amount of pain, rolling on the court for what seemed like minutes. What made this even more interesting was that fact that warm-ups were over and the national anthem was about to begin.

It was a race against the clock, what would happen first, Matt getting off the ground or the start of the national anthem? I was about to send our trainer John (DoRosario) over to check him out, but Matt just made it to the bench in time. He reported no lingering effects from the traumatic event!

One last very important note, Coach Beilein is competing in an event to raise money for a charity of his choosing. Coach B is all about giving back and now it is time for all our great Michigan fans to vote for coaches Charity.

Click on this link, it takes two seconds and it will do a lot of good for a lot of people. Plus, anything that puts coach in a good mood is great.

With that I'm off to class, but I cannot wait to see our great crowd at Crisler tonight -- should be a big-time game!

Keep writing in to and I will respond to your email. I spent this week answering questions about our defenses.

Go Blue!

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