Bartelstein Blog: A little win streak, Not just scoring, GameDay!
Josh Bartelstein

Feb. 15, 2012

What's up everyone?

Not a bad week for us, playing two games and getting two wins? We needed to get on a little win streak here and sure enough we did. We now stand at 19-7 and 9-4 in the Big Ten, just a half game out of first place.

This is a very unique blog in that as we speak, I am being filmed by TV cameras and being asked questions about what this blog means to all Michigan fans and me. They are doing a segment for Coach Beilein's TV show -- Inside Michigan Basketball -- airing Monday nights at 7 p.m. on FSN-Detroit.

So, I have to say this is a pretty cool experience. Definitely the most pressure I have ever had in writing a blog. I have a time limit to get this all done!

The next three weeks are sure to be a wild ride and it all starts Saturday when we take on Ohio State with College GameDay coming into town. However, before I can get into that, I must first talk about Tim Hardaway Jr. and all he is doing for our team -- some of which you don't see in a boxscore.

As we have all heard, Tim has been in a little bit of a shooting slump over the last month -- last year he never missed, so the expectations continue to be high. However, I think for our team and especially for Tim, this is going to be a blessing in disguise.

For one, Tim has learned to contribute in so many more aspects than last year. His rebounding has improved a ton, he is making plays at the basket, he is sharing the ball, and defensively compared to last year he is a different player. For those who really watch the game -- watch Tim off the ball on defense and look at how he's seeing where the ball is a ton better. When Tim does all of this, it makes our team that much more dangerous! Sometimes it is not just about stats. There is no one who wants to help us win more than Tim. You need to know he is doing just that, helping us win.

Okay, now onto one of the more exciting things that is going to take place this weekend.

ESPN's College GameDay will be spending the day at Crisler Center on Saturday. I think Coach Beilein said it best, it is pretty much going to be a daylong commercial for Michigan basketball. We are very excited for all the hoopla and activities that comes with something like this, but more importantly, we need to maintain focus on the game.

I know the Maize Rage will be ready as I attended their meeting this week and they were bouncing ideas off me for about 30 minutes. They are going to be at Crisler about four hours early camping out and getting mentally ready to get inside Ohio State's heads. There is a reason they are an elite student section and this weekend is an opportunity for them to show off their skills, along with all the rest of our fans.

The key to the whole day is trying to make it seem like just a typical game, not getting too excited that we come out flat. We know you will be there with us and we cannot wait to see all of you.

I have to cut this short as I have to go take a mid-term and answer a few more TV questions!

Keep writing in your questions and comments to and I will keep writing back to you.

I hope to see you guys on Saturday -- should be a special day!

Go Blue!

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