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Blog #29 -- March 26, 2012
My Blog's Season Finale, See You Soon or This Summer

hat's up everyone?

The 2011-12 Michigan basketball season will be remembered for so many things, some of which include winning the best conference in the country, traveling to the most prestigious tournament in the country -- the Maui Invitational, for the 24 wins and for the four great seniors.

Years from now when I call Zack (Novak) or Stu (Douglass) and talk about this year, we probably won't talk about any of those things. That is because the journey is way more important than the destination. The memories we will share are the laughs we had on the plane, some crazy idea Coach Alexander had, another memorable quote from Coach Jordan; it is everything that happens during the season that makes a team become a team.

We have traveled all across the country spending almost every day together for six months. The hardest part of the season ending is the knowing that this team will never play together again. In the blink of an eye, when the horn went off and zeroes were on the clock, our season was over. That is what makes sports so special; anything can happen at any time and nothing prepares you for the end!

When I decided to come play for Coach Beilein, he asked me why I wanted to be part of this team. I could have received a scholarship to other schools, instead I chose Michigan! I told him I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. There is something mythical about being a part of Michigan. There is something special about being a part of a team, where you give everything you have for the greater good of your teammates. It might not result in wins all the time, but more importantly, it will result in lifelong friendships.

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The Bartelstein Blog 2011-12

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