2008-09 Michigan Men's Basketball Features

04/16/2009Dribble and Drives: Academics Accolades Roll In for Wolverines
04/07/2009Brent Petway Named NBA D-League Defensive Player of the Year
04/06/2009Courtney Sims Named NBA D-League MVP
03/25/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: The Change, The Unknowing Future, The Pride
03/22/2009NCAA Tournament Trip Log: Saturday, March 21 and Sunday, March 22
03/20/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Unbelievable Experience, Challenges Still Lie Ahead
03/20/2009NCAA Tournament Trip Log: Friday, March 20
03/19/2009NCAA Tournament Trip Log: Thursday, March 19
03/15/2009Selection Sunday: Behind the Scenes with Coach John Beilein
03/15/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Thankful, Proud, Blessed and Overjoyed
03/14/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Hoping a Dream Becomes Reality
03/11/2009Building a Strong Program, Four Minutes at a Time
03/08/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Live Life Without Regrets
02/24/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: The Battles We Fight Within Ourselves
02/24/2009Dribbles and Drives: Bid To Raise Money for Manager Scholarship
02/11/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: There Will Be No Quit
02/05/2009Dribbles and Drives: Learning the New Experiences of College Hoops
01/30/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Not the Time to Save Anything
01/23/2009Dribbles and Drives: Learning the New Experiences of College Hoops
01/22/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Believing in It and Working Towards It
01/14/20091989 NCAA Championship 20-Year Reunion Program (PDF)
01/10/2009Dribbles and Drives: Unlikely Hero Breaks Bloomington Curse
01/08/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Raising the Level of Play
01/01/2009Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Shaping the Right Mindset
12/21/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Still Have Work to Be Done
12/15/2008Dribbles and Drives: Lucas-Perry Readies for Return
12/10/2008Dribble and Drives: Grady Quietly Provides Spark Off the Bench
12/07/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: The Four Things of Life
11/22/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Trusting the System
11/13/2008Dribbles and Drives: Mission Accomplished Ö On to the Big Apple
11/06/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Game Time, Inspiration and History
10/30/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: It's All About the Support
10/22/2008Dribble and Drives: Performing for an Audience of their Peers
10/14/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: The Final Week of Preparations
10/09/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: A Whirlwind of a Week
10/02/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Looking Into the Mirror
09/22/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Off Court Bonding
09/17/2008Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Changing Thinking and Approaches
09/12/2008Running the Lane with the Wolverine: Getting Better Every Day
09/08/2008Court Vision With C.J. Lee
09/02/2008Meet Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Curtis
08/29/2008Meet the Freshmen: Zack Novak
08/20/2008Meet the Freshmen: Stu Douglass
08/13/2008Meet the Freshmen: Ben Cronin
08/01/2008Laval Lucas-Perry Jones Cup Q&A