Postgame Quotes: Michigan 71, Nebraska 70

Jan. 10, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach John Beilein
Opening statement ... "What a basketball game. If you watch these games, last night I think in watching Penn State and Minnesota and all the other games, all the games are going to be like this one. (Nebraska coach) Tim (Miles) has a great team here; this is going to be a team that gets really good as long as they stay together and stay unified and keep playing together. They really got a lot talent, and he will do the right job with it. We were really fortunate to get this win; we shot 62 percent from the floor, we couldn't stop them, thank goodness we shot the ball well."

On the end block/charge call ... "Well, I love the way it went, I loved the way it went. I don't know, the block and charge calls are very confusing everywhere in the country. I am sure the people that make these rules are going to find ways to make it better and make it clear to understand. I am just glad we finished it."

On Jordan Morgan's game ... "It was really good. We have seen this, you have all saw this; anyone who has been with us, when we won the Big Ten championship and had that good year three years ago. He can get things done; he just needs to have confidence. We will take it if it is him one night and Jon (Horford) the other night. Who knows who is going to get this down, but Jordan was really good."

On the end of the game, if he was holding his breath ... "Oh yeah, we want to make the foul shot, and then we don't do that. Then you are going one way or the other in a one-point game. The ball was up, and it looked like it had a chance; the next one had a better chance. We have been on the other end of that last year for a Big Ten championship on the line. Fortunately, it went our way."

On the team's execution out of timeouts ... "I think they are getting better at understanding the timing. The coaching staff does a great job getting the pace and space to do it correct. It was big for us to do that a couple of times."

U-M Sophomore Forward Glenn Robinson III
On the end of the game ... "Our plan was to just get to the rim. We did a great job finishing that layup, even though there was some contact. The last play was tough. We have been working on that throughout practice. We just had to tough it out and play together as a team through the whole game."

On the shot at the end of the first half and its impact ... "That had a great impact you know. We were a little bit down because they had just came back and hit a couple of threes. After Derrick (Walton Jr.) hit that shot, it amped us up. I thought we had great energy going into halftime and right out the gates we had that same energy. If we play that way we should be a pretty good team."

U-M Graduate Student Forward Jordan Morgan
On the last play defensively ... "We knew he (Petteway) was going to get the ball; he just had a downhill mindset, so it was on us to try and stay in front of him without fouling him and putting him on the free throw line and then try and get the rebound. Our guys did a really good job of that."

U-M Sophomore Guard Nik Stauskas
On the second-half, back-and-forth play ... "I think both teams were doing a really good job of scoring the ball. I think both teams had a hard time stopping each other. Coach was giving me a lot of great opportunities to attack and we found J MO (Jordan Morgan) open on a few shots, and I got some too. That is all you can ask for."

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