2005-06 BKM vs. Purdue -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the game ... "We were trying to guard against a team that had nothing to lose. Psychologically, we thought that it was going to be the edge they would have against us and they certainly showed that. You give them a lot of credit for the toughness they showed. Also, give our kids a lot of credit for battling back and finding the way. We showed a lot of heart and desire there to dig one out and we so sorely needed this for us to stay in contention in our conference race."

On guard Daniel Horton ... "Daniel is as tough as they come. He believes in us and he believes in himself. I think he has the heart of a champion. When the game is on the line, there is no one else on our team that I would prefer to make a play or make a shot than Daniel Horton; that's why we had it in his hands in the later possessions of the game."

On senior Graham Brown ... "He was a terror on the backboard again. He is our heart and soul on the front line and I am just so proud to be his coach. He bleeds Maize and Blue and he plays that way. His teammates feed off the image in which he conducts himself. He did a terrific job. No. 42 Kiefer on Purdue was tremendous and Graham battling every step. The double-double says a lot."

On Purdue's Korey Spates ... "He's quick, he's explosive and he has that cockiness about him at the point guard position that his team feeds off of. He made some big shots. I thought he was tremendous for their team."

U-M Senior Guard Daniel Horton

On the adjustments made at halftime ... "We wanted to be stronger on the boards. We gave up some offensive rebounds and a lot of easy shots. We wanted to guard a little better. I think we did an okay job on that in the first half, but we knew we had to do better to win the game. I think the guys picked it up during the second half. We got a lot of transition baskets on steals and played harder on defense. We were able to pull a tough one out. We give them a lot of credit. With all the injuries they had, they played well and they played hard."

On Graham Brown's inside presence ... "We know that anytime we come in and establish an inside presence, whether they guys are making shots or missing them, it forces other teams to guard him. As good as our big guys are, when they are playing their defense, it makes it a lot harder for other teams to guard on the perimeter. We knew we were going to get open shots and we just had to get inside."

On what the game means for the season ... "I think anytime you are trying to contend for a conference championship, you have got to take care of your home court. That is one of our goals, to win all of our home games in the conference and we got off on the right step today."

U-M Senior Forward Graham Brown

On grinding out a close win ... "They were killing us on the offensive glass in the first half, so we were just trying to do whatever we could to stop them. We were just trying to get a couple extra rebounds and their team was really attacking the glass, so we tried to eliminate that."

On what the team learned from the Indiana loss ... "It was a tough loss and everybody fought hard, but we just could not pull it off in the end. We really talked about trying to finish things off right and trying to finish towards the end of the [Purdue] game. We really handled the pressure situations toward the end of the game, and I think we finished this game right."

U-M Junior Center Courtney Sims

On the first half ... "We were getting killed on the offensive glass. We needed to correct that and make sure we held them to one shot. That was the main thing. We knew we had to rotate on the help-side defense. They were just driving and making easy lay-ups and we needed to stop that."

On coping without Lester Abrams ... "Of course we are going to miss Lester. He is one of our leading scorers. He is a tough guy. We lost him on defense and he is a threat out there. It is harder for teams to double-team the post and things like that. Of course we miss him, but we can adjust to that. We just did not play as well as we wanted to and they played excellently while missing a lot of guys. We just needed to tighten up, really."

Purdue Coach Matt Painter

On the game ... "We played hard. We did a better job of following the shot in the corners, that's something you have to concentrate on in college basketball. We had a great concentration level; we shot and got some rebounds. If we could get one more rebound and make one more play, Michigan had an opportunity and made that one more play down the stretch."

On the last play of the game ... "On the out-of-bounds play we got exactly what we wanted. (Matt) Kiefer was made a step too far out, to get a lob to the basketball. We were looking to get a good shot and on that play Chris (Lutz) had a good look in the corner. In the last seconds of the game, we tried to set-up a shoot-dribble you are always in fear of what they may try in that situation, you don't want to lob or cross ball screens, and they were trapping ball screens."

"Offensively we got what we want, if we would have got one more shot or that one rebound it could have been different. I was proud of the guys in the situation."

Purdue Senior Forward Matt Kiefer

On the difference between the Michigan team this year and last year ... "Just the depth that they have. They have (Daniel)Horton back and (Lester) Abram who didn't play today, that puts them in a better situation as far as not having to play Dion Harris at point guard. With Horton back it does so much for the team, as far as scoring big baskets and getting into the lane. Also, on the defensive end they got (Brent) Petway back, so they did a good job with rebounding."

On the last seconds of the game ... "There was 13 seconds left, coach drew the out-of-bounds play and I had an option of going full route or stepping back and taking a three. I felt like I had it and took the shot. It felt good, but didn't go in. Then they got a free-throw and we had one last chance and we did a good job of trying to score."

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