The Bartelstein Blog: Entry 18, Early Rising, Watch for These Two and Social Media

Jan. 7, 2011

Sophomore guard Josh Bartelstein will give an inside look all season at the 2010-11 version of the Wolverines.

What's up everyone? We got back to Ann Arbor around 2:30 a.m. after our quick flight in from Madison. What takes a long time is actually de-icing the plane and getting it ready to fly. But I will say this, it was nice seeing Darius at 9:30 a.m. this morning for our movement science class. Both of us were wide awake.

Last night's game reminded me a lot of our trip last year to Wisconsin. We played a great first half and then in the second half they just pulled away. You have to give the Badgers credit; they shot almost 50 percent from three-point range and both their four and five men shoot over 40 percent from three point range on the year. I'm not sure anyone else in the country has that. We also knew Wisconsin would really try to slow down the game and take about 30 seconds off the shot clock on each possession. It turned out to be the least amount of possessions we had in a game all year, which definitely favors them.

On our end, it is great to see Tim (Hardaway Jr.) taking the ball to the basket. T-Hard is such a great athlete and has the ability to get in the lane and make plays. I always try and tell him to get some easy baskets first and then those three-pointers you take seem a lot easier to make. He is starting to do this more and more in practice, and I think you will see it transfer over in the game.

Another player who is really impressing me is Colton (Christian). While you all may not be seeing it in the games, Colton is really playing well in practice. He has worked tirelessly with the shot doctor (Coach Beilein) and now is becoming a really good shooter. Almost every day before practice, Colton is out there shooting on the gun and getting better. With the athlete he is already, if Colton can knock down shots, everyone better watch out.

Now back to my guy T-Hard. This was a huge week in Tim's life because he finally got a Twitter account. What makes this earth-shattering news is that all year Tim has hated even the mention of Twitter. He swore he would never ever get one, but suddenly Tim had a change of heart and now is addicted.

For example, on the bus, Tim was sitting next to Matt (Vogrich) and instead of just asking him for a movie, he tweeted it to him. Tim is really getting the hang of it. So now for those of you who are keeping track, those of us who have a twitter are Evan (Smotrycz) (@evanMsmotrycz), Tim (@t_hard10), Matt (@MattVogrich13), Zack (@novak3159), Darius (@Dariusmorris4) and myself (@Jbart20).

Now for a funny note on Evan. Just before the national anthem, the Kohl Center was silent and some student yelled out "hey 23, I can't even pronounce your last name" and then he really butchered it. It got a lot of smiles on our team because everyone messes up Evan's last name and the entire side of the arena could hear him saying this.

The schedule doesn't get any easier coming up, as Kansas and Ohio State come into town. But we wouldn't want it any other way, as we know if we want to obtain our goal of getting to the NCAA tournament, we must beat good teams at home.

I hope to see you all at the games this week and we should have some great crowds.

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