2004-05 BKM vs. Fairfield -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the success of the team based on where the game is scheduled ... "I really believe that. We thought that way for a long time. Our philosophy is about trying to bring a team along and a program along. Certainly these are the kinds of games that you have to approach in the same manner as you would with a big conference game. I thought our kids really responded to the way in which we approached how important this game was for us. I knew that no matter what happened with the Iowa game, win or lose, in Iowa City, this is going to be an important game for us. I thought our kids really responded well."

On Michigan's shooting percentage ... "I think we are working hard to get good shots. We think that eventually the percentages are going to be in our favor, if we have good possessions and good shots. So whether we make or miss, we judge our offense based on the quality of the shot. Certainly the quality of the shot is what we judge and I think the kids are really buying into knowing that we have a phrase that we use 'Move the ball and let the shot find you.' Don't go looking for the shot, let the shot find you. I thought that was key for us, having positive possessions when we didn't turn it over. I though we did a really good job defensively against the three-point shot for their team."

On the performance of Ron Coleman ... "It was an outstanding performance. I though Ron Coleman's first half was incredibly efficient; the second half wasn't as efficient. I thought he kind of started looking for the shot, instead of playing the game and letting the shot find him. It didn't work that way in the second half and I thought that resulted in missing some shots. Overall the job he's done has been incredibly impressive.

On Daniel Horton's performance ... "I thought he played a really solid floor game. I thought with foul trouble, he didn't get a chance to play more minutes. Certainly he will be on the floor a lot for us as he is starting to get his legs completely under him and his confidence is there. I thought when he was in the game, he was part of the biggest run we had in the first half, when we were able to stretch it out a little bit. I just thought his play was very solid when he was on the floor."

Senior Forward J.C. Mathis

On the game ... "I thought it was a great game from the standpoint that we bounced back after Iowa and not having a let down. That's what we were worried about coming into the game, a letdown after a big win at Iowa, or looking ahead to Northwestern. This was a very big win for us."

On the upcoming Big Ten season ... "It's great to go into another Big Ten game with momentum. You want to come into the Big Ten season playing well, and the fact that we've won four straight will help. This game really helped us defensively, holding them to 48 points. That type of defense is what will be key to helping us be successful in the Big Ten."

On his effort ... "The guys out there really helped me today; they gave me a couple easy baskets early to get me going. I just wanted to step in, because when Graham (Brown) was playing he was playing very well for us and Chris (Hunter) had been playing some of the best basketball on the team. I just wanted to hold down the middle and help our team win."

Senior Guard Dani Wohl

On first action since injuring his elbow ... "The elbow is fine. It didn't give me any problems out there, it's just great to be back out there with the team. I just tried to do whatever I could to help the team."

On the game ... "I thought we played great tonight. I thought a lot of guys stepped up. Ron (Coleman) and Dion (Harris) played great games. J.C (Mathis) came off the bench and gave us quality minutes. Guys were diving out there and playing there hearts out, and that's Michigan basketball. That's what we have to do every night. I thought it was an overall great team performance."

Junior Guard Daniel Horton

On playing Fairfield during the Big Ten season ... "We never looked at it like that. We always get focused on our current opponent and never look ahead. We never say Wow, we have a non conference game during the conference season.' We just focus and prepare for the next opponent."

On his health ... "No I'm not at 100 percent, but who is I just go out there and do whatever I can. I try to get out there physically, like I've always done. That's what I want to do first and foremost. Whatever I do offensively, that just helps the team out, because those guys have been scoring points and playing well without me. I just want to come in and give them another guy who can defend the other team's best guard. I just want to continue to contribute and help the team win."

Sophomore Guard Dion Harris

On current shooting success ... "It makes everything easier for us. I think we put pressure on the defense to really try to guard us on the outside. I think in the beginning of the year when shots weren't falling they really didn't have to worry about us on the perimeter. The past two games we've been knocking them down, so I think that puts more pressure on our opponents."

On all the players returning from injury ... "When guys were out it was like no one was practicing -- it was like ten guys. Now, we're steadily getting people back, and it's made the team much stronger spirit-wise. We've have a stronger spirit going into the Big Ten season with guys coming back."

Freshman Guard Ron Coleman

On the game ... "We just went out to battle and tried to improve. After coming off a big win at Iowa we just wanted to come out and play together and continue to improve."

On the upcoming Big Ten season ... "This game gives us more confidence. We have players returning to the team who will give us more energy and will help us build and improve."

On evolving role ... "I'm just trying to do the same thing I always do: take it game by game, day by day. Players like Dion Harris and Daniel Horton are making me better on the floor by finding me shots that I can knock down."

Fairfield Coach Tim O'Toole

On the game ... "Coleman played outstanding. Those guys did a great job. They hit a lot of shots. I forget what they were from three-point land, but they were over 50 percent. With Daniel (Horton) back and Coleman hitting shots like he was. They just become that much more explosive, and we just didn't have any answers for that."

On what his team needs to work on ... "There are plenty of things to work on. They shot over 50 percent from the field and 50 percent from the three. We shot two for 22 from the three. You can't beat anybody. We have a lot of things to work on. But again, Michigan was Michigan. They took us out of our game."

Fairfield Junior Terrence Todd

On his thoughts going into the second half ... "Coming out for the second half, we knew we were down 12 points. We wanted to get some stops on the defensive end and come down and try to score. They come out in the second and were hitting a lot of threes. When you are trading off twos for threes, you know the lead is just going to keep going up. They were just hitting all of their shots."

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