The Bartelstein Blog: Entry 19, Playoffs, Gotta Be the Shoes, Can I Dunk? Yep

Jan. 11, 2011

Sophomore guard Josh Bartelstein will give an inside look all season at the 2010-11 version of the Wolverines.

What's up everyone! Wow, what a game!

Everyone got their money's worth as they saw two teams leave it all on the court the other day. I think people walked away from the Kansas game knowing we are close to becoming a really good team, and there are just some tweaks we have to make to beat great teams like the Jayhawks.

After such a slow start -- where it looked like we might not score 40 points -- we really got it going. The best part is we have another chance to knock off a top three team when No. 2 Ohio State comes to town. Nothing more needs to be said.

There is definitely some tension on our team right now with the NFL playoffs going on. You have Coach Meyer and Stu (Douglass) who are hard core Colts fans; Colton (Christian) who now sports Seahawks colors; (Zack) Novak lives and dies by the Packers and (Matt) Vogrich swears by his Bears.

Matt actually told me he believes when he watches the Bears this year it brings them good luck, and they have never lost when he watches the game. I said nothing in response.

Novak is what I call an NFC North fan. He loves Brett Favre more than life itself and is a huge Packers fan, but last week he admitted he still questioned whether or not he should be a Bears fan. He is just confused.

Then you have Colton, who all year kept quiet about his 7-9 Seahawks -- the worst team to ever make the playoffs. Then all the sudden on Saturday he starts texting me like he has been there all year. Really?

Lastly, the Colt fans, you can look forward to next year and hope your special teams improve. Small side note -- We also have a lot of Lions fans, particularly Jordan (Morgan), but I'll leave him alone because he has taken enough abuse and they won two road games.

I have received a ton of comments about our new team shoes. Yes, they are sweet being in Maize and Blue, but they are the same shoe we have been wearing all year just in different colors. So for those who wanted to know, they are Derrick Rose's new shoes and are great.

This allows me to bring up the great Bob Bland. Bob is our equipment manager who has been around Michigan athletics for a long, long time. Bob is the guy who brings out the chairs during timeouts, or picks up the tee after the kickoff on football games. No one on our team watches the kickoffs anymore; just how fast Bob can run on and off the field. You would be surprised.

One of the really cool things I get to do as a Michigan basketball player is work with kids on their games. The Little Dribbler program has started again, and we get to work with 100 kids who love being part of Michigan athletics.

It is great seeing how excited they are to learn the game and just play on the Crisler Arena floor. The question they all ask is "Can you dunk?" or "Will you dunk?" The answer is always, "Yes I can dunk, but I'm too stiff to dunk." So to Paul and all the other kids, maybe next time I'll show off my dunking game. You never know when you might get a "shout out" in the blog.

Lastly, I hope everyone has been paying attention to Manny Harris, as he is putting up great numbers in Cleveland. It is really cool to see a former teammate who is such a good guy living out his dream. All the hard work really paid off for him.

We had a great crowd at Kansas and we look forward to seeing even more Wolverine fans against Ohio State! Thanks for all your support and we will see you Wednesday! Go Blue!

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