2001-02 BKM vs. Northwestern -- postgame notes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "Obviously it was a very disappointing loss for us. We knew how tough it was going to be with their unorthodox style. We tried to adjust our defensive style to take away some of the things that they normally do, but it was not working. Give them credit for the way that they were executing within their system with the back cuts with layups. I thought our kids battled in second half to give us an opportunity to win. We are very disappointed in the start of game and I thought that was the key for anything when you try to evaluate this game. Our start really doomed us. To get in a hole vs Northwestern with the way that they play is a tough uphill battle. They were able to close the game out and get their first [Big Ten] win."

On the start of the game ... "I was focused in on our team and we did not get out to a good start. That has plagued us a lot this year. We have been able to overcome it at times. Even this evening we had a shot at doing that. They made a couple shots early and that helped their confidence. We had open shots and we just missed them. We said to our kids the whole time that getting down to Northwestern is different than getting down to any other team. There are not a lot of possessions to have a chance to overcome any lead that they may have."

On trying to correct poor starts ... "We are going to evaluate it as staff. We are going to do the best we can to see if there is anything else that we can do with our team to generate something different at the start of the game. Whether that is a lineup change or anything else, we need to get off to better starts. I think it is imperative that we are a team that gets out to a good start. I do sense that if things do not go our way early we lose a little confidence. We lose confidence when we do not get anything on offense right away."

On preparing for Northwestern's style of play ... "It is very difficult to prepare for their style. We see them just once this year. We will not see that style from most of the teams that we play. I am not sure if anyone else on our schedule plays that way. It is difficult to simulate and difficult to prepare for. We worked hard at our preparation for this game."

On the officiating ... "I do not like to get involved with the officiating. Until we play a perfect game, I will not ask for perfect refs."

Senior Forward Rotulu Adebiyi

On how he felt playing a career-high 15 minutes ... "You can never feel good after a loss. Regardless of how many minutes I played, we lost the game. That's what I'm thinking about now. I just tried to go out there and do what I could -- set screens, rebound and box out. We didn't play as well as we could have as a team defensively. We came out a little timid and that's the reason we didn't win the game. We have to pick ourselves up because we have another game. We need to learn from this game and move on."

On how the team showed a lot of heart coming back ... "Our team definitely has heart. I think one thing that we don't do is come back in time. We wait around a little bit too long and that tends to hurt us in the ends of games. We definitely have the heart to battle back. We work hard and we have the ability to turn it on but we just need to turn it on for the full 40 minutes."

Senior Center Chris Young

On being frustrated offensively ... "It's a little frustrating for me not being able to score, but this is the Big Ten and that's what I expect them to do, to collapse on me. I was taking a dribble into the lane and getting double- and triple-teamed, and then kicking the ball out and guys were knocking down shots. I'll do that all night long. I don't care if I don't score a point. I'll get my teammates shots all day."

On if the defensive pressure he's seeing is what he expected ... "That's what the Big Ten is all about. They're big, physical guys and they're not going to just let me catch the ball, take a dribble into the lane and let me try a hook, or lay the ball in. They're going to collapse on me and do whatever they can do to stop me."

Senior Guard Leon Jones

On the team possibly lacking focus at the start of the game ... "It wasn't necessarily that we lacked focus. That's a hard team to play against. We probably won't play against a team like that the rest of the year. They're different from everybody else in the Big Ten. They run a lot of back cuts, and you have to be on your toes all the time. You can't relax on them. That style, that tempo is hard to play against."

Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

On Northwestern's emotion to start the game ... "We did come out with a lot of emotion. Our first three games we got down early but today we were able to do that to them. It is really tough to crawl back when you fall behind like that."

On getting a win on the road ... "Anytime you can win on the road it is great. This place was very hostile at the end of the game once they got going. That seemed to feed them and they became more aggressive."

On Northwestern's last possession ... "They played great defense. We were very fortunate to find a seam at the last second and make the play."

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