2006-07 BKM vs. Penn State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On this game being one of the more impressive defensive performances of the season ... "I just mentioned to our players, I was really proud with how hard they played defensively. I thought we got after it, I thought we got out in the passing lanes; I thought we were disruptive somewhat and I thought we frustrated their team. They're a very good basketball team as we knew coming into this and I thought we would take them out of things and I was just really pleased how hard our kids played defensively. We used a lot of bodies to rotate people in and I thought that was the factor in wearing them down a little bit. But we needed to do a little bit better job of keeping them off the foul line. I thought we put them on the foul line a little bit too much."

On having 19 assists on 24 field goals ... "(We had) very good ball movement. We've really been working on it C harping on it. Our perimeter guys did an outstanding job of penetrating and pinching and kicking C and not just penetrating for themselves. (In the) Purdue game in West Lafayette we did not do that and boy did we work on that and we improved that and it really showed here tonight."

On adjustments against the zone and what made them so successful ... "I thought we were really what I call 'hunting the hole.' That's our phrase we use. In the middle of the zone is the area that we really want to attack and we had guys flashing in and out of there the whole possession on every possession that they were in zone, which was all game until maybe the last two possessions of the ballgame. But I thought our guys did a great job of finding those seams C those holes. We got the ball there, we were good with the ball there being strong with it (and with) ball fakes. Then we made the right decisions from that spot on the floor, which is the sweet spot or the key spot, in the zone. But once we get it there can we make the play from there We went high-low sometimes, we kicked it out for threes, we drove it, we got fouled, we took advantage of that area on the floor."

On taking good three-point shots ... "Well, we talk about taking the shots that we want, and certainly when we're open with our shoes on the perimeter for threes we want to take those open jump shots. And I can only recall right now until I watch the film, one bad shot. I think of all the open shots that we were able to take from beyond the three-point line, I can only think of one off the top of my head that was a poor shot and I think that's a good indication of the shooting percentage that we had from three. I think we shot 57 percent from beyond the arc; that's a good indicator of probably taking really good three-point shots."

Senior Wing Lester Abram

On the significance of the 20-point win "It is good, especially in the Big Ten. We are 3-1 now in the conference and we have a big game coming up Saturday. We are just going to try to prepare for that and get better and try to win on Saturday."

On the team's momentum at home "You want to try to protect your home court within the league. Everyone is trying to contend for the title. If it is the Big Ten title, and we are trying to win that, you have to win every home game. If you don't win every home game, it is going to be pretty much impossible. You have got to take care of a couple in a row, and win all your home games."

On adjustments the team took from the Purdue loss "I thought our guards did a good job of penetrating and finding people against Purdue. We were just penetrating and going in wild, trying to do it all by ourselves. I thought we did a better job of sharing the ball today."

Junior Wing Ron Coleman

On what they need to do better against Purdue (January 20) "I think we have just got to contain like we did tonight. I think we did a great job tonight on the defensive end, pressuring the ball and getting into guys. That helped us a lot."

On his shooting confidence tonight "I am not the type of guy to just go out hunting for shots. I like to let the game come to me. That is what happened tonight. I was just moving off of the penetration, calling for the ball, getting on the offensive glass. I was trying to get defensive boards and do other things as well to help us score."

On the team's three-point scoring effort "I think it is kind of contagious. We had the same guys knocking down shots. Other guys started feeling it as well. Against the zone though, you can't really fall in love with shooting the three because that is basically what they want you to do. We know we can do other things, other than shooting the three."

Penn State Coach Ed DeChellis

On his overall thoughts of tonights game "We were running up hill all night. I don't remember getting anything going offensively. And defensively, we probably played our worst game. We just didn't do anything that we talked about. I was just really, really disappointed."

On Michigans hot shooting from beyond the arc "They weren't shooting the ball that well from the three-point line coming into this game. Tonight, they just lit us up. We got to go back and watch the tape and watch the film. I can't say exactly, but I think they had some unchallenged shots."

On Penn States difficulties on offense "I just didn't feel like we had had any flow. Offensively, they got into us. They really pressured us. We were running the offense at half-court instead of getting the ball closer to the basket. I don't think we did a really good job with our screens and getting each other open. Obviously, we didn't shoot the all very well from the perimeter. I thought Jamelle (Cornley) did some good things inside, but we didn't make many perimeter jumpers tonight."

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