Bartelstein Blog: The Game, The Fun, The Defender, The Rookie
Josh Bartelstein

Jan. 18, 2012


What a game! What a night! This is why being a part of Michigan basketball is so special.

Games like that make all the running, all the lifting, all the drills and all the practices worth it!

People always ask what this rivalry means to us. There is no doubt we want to beat Michigan State and there is a dislike between the two teams. However, Coach Beilein said it best when he said our fans really care a great deal about this game, which makes me care a lot also.

There is nothing better than seeing Crisler rocking and everyone going nuts. That is what we are all about. As a program we define FUN as doing something well together. Last night I think a whole lot of people had FUN.

I really hope all of our fans appreciate what Stu (Douglass) does for this team. Yes, he is a great shooter and makes smart choices on offense, but you need to watch Stu play defense. He works his tail off every game many times guarding the best guard on the other team. I think he might be the best in the country at getting through screens. It is exhausting just watching him. We would be nowhere close to where we are today without Stu.

The other big question of the night was would Trey (Burke) understand what this game means?

Does anyone still wonder?

I never had a doubt Trey would play a great game because that is just what he does. Whether it is open gym or playing in a game like last night, Trey is a big time player. He loves the moment and that three he hit from way deep was the biggest shot of the night. The best part with him is how humble he is and he just acts like this is what he is supposed to do. It is great being Trey's teammate, he just gets it.

One of the cool parts in playing in games like last night is that the media coverage is immense. One of the best writers out there, Jeff Goodman from (check out his article on Trey), was at the game and he has a tradition of putting the MVP of the day as his avatar on twitter.

Well today his avatar is a combination of Zack (Novak) and Trey, so make sure you check him out because he writes great stuff, plus his nephew (Josh Mack) is one of our team managers, so he has that Michigan connection, even though he went to Arizona.

Lastly, make sure you tune into The Journey on Sunday because you need to see what the locker room was like last night. There is nothing I can say that will describe the emotions of it, but let's just say we had a lot of FUN!

Continue sending in your comments and questions to and I will try to make sure I get to them all.

We have a tough run ahead of us with five of the next six games on the road, but I know you will be there right along side us!

Go Blue!

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