2003-04 BKM at Wisconsin -- Postgame Quotes
Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the overall game ... "Well, I thought we played a solid first 20 minutes. I thought our kids really competed; I thought we competed the whole game. I was really pleased. We let a few opportunities slip away in the first half where we couldn't convert. We had a couple of layups blocked there and certainly got ourselves in a little foul trouble with Lester Abram, but overall we were pleased. We were a little concerned and scared with a couple of our guys going down there; that really put a dagger in us for a minute, but we seemed to bounce back and made it a decent 20 minutes as we tried to continue to get this victory, but it was certainly out of our reach tonight."

On Wisconsin's Clayton Hanson ... "You always look at the 'star' players or the highly recognized players and it's usually someone else who puts the dagger through your heart and he certainly came in and made some big baskets. He had 11 points and seven minutes in the first half. I thought those were the big points for their team. And then he made that three to put them up in the second half. So we lost track of him, he's a very good shooter and he got it going tonight."

On having fewer turnovers this game ... "I told our kids in the locker room just a minute ago that we found some good things. I was pleased. We made some steps forward in improving our basketball team tonight. One of those steps is that we value the basketball. I thought we executed fairly well in the offensive end and we've really been working on that. We just couldn't get a handle on stopping them defensively. Certainly in the second half we picked up so many fouls that they lived at the free throw line, and you can't play a team when you're down and putting them on the line and allowing them to score those easy baskets."

On Wisconsin's Mike Wilkinson ... "Wilkinson is maybe a 44 percent three-point shooter coming into the game. He's such a threat out there. He's a great post-up guy but he's also a guy that can put it on the floor and shoot the three-point shot. I was really disappointed in our effort on the backboard. I thought that was a major difference in the game. We allowed them to get too many second-chance points on the offensive rebounds and I thought that really hurt us."

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