Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Believing in It and Working Towards It

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22 -- Believing in It and Working Towards It

Seasons have valleys and peaks. We are in a valley right now without question. Sitting in the locker-room at Penn State after our third straight loss was not a good feeling. Like a lot of my teammates, I struggled to find anything to say after the game was over with.

Although I did not know what to say, my teammates and I know what we have to do. Our goals have not changed; our season is not lost by all means. We need to re-group and draw a line in the sand.

How have I been approaching the game lately How has the team been approaching the game lately These are the type of questions you ask yourself and your team when you hit a rough patch like the one we are in. I do not doubt any of my teammates desire to win. The one thing that we all have question is our focus and our attention to detail lately.

When you play a lot of games like we have done lately and don't have much practice time in between, there is some slippage. Earlier in the season, this slippage was not hurting us as explicitly because we were winning. This slippage is visibly hurting us right now in the form of losses. We knew conference play was going to be tough coming in. It is unfortunate that we have to be reminded as a team the level of focus, dedication and attention to detail it takes to win by losing a few games.

We have enough ability to win. We are smart enough to do what we have been taught. We have enough talent for this to work right now. We have enough leadership to get us through the adversity we are currently facing.

It is at points like this in a season where it is a matter of putting it all together again. Putting it all together again means getting everyone back on the same page. Our goal right now should be to go on a one game win streak. One game is all we need and one game should be our only focus right now.

On January 20th, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. I was able to catch the tail end of his inauguration speech. We were just getting in from our mid-day shoot-around at Penn State. To see an African American hold the position of President was an incredible sight. A lot has been made of his 18 minute speech.

Some say that he didn't leave them as awestruck and inspired as they would have hoped. To those people I say this. A lesson I have learned is that sometimes what is unsaid is just as important as what is said. No words could ever live up to the moment of the first African American to be sworn in as President of the United States. The visual said enough and visual said it all.

I also think that President Obama signified with his speech that there is a lot of work to be done. He has perspective and he realizes that while it was a monumental occasion him being sworn in, it marked the beginning of a long road back to respectability, sustainability and security for the United States. This is a responsibility that he obviously does not take lightly, and I hope and pray for his success.

I have read Barack Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope. As much as I liked reading the book itself, I have always loved the title of the book for a number of reasons. The title suggests that when fighting for something, you have to believe that you deserve it in the first place.

One thing that you rarely hear but the one thing that I admire the most about President Obama is his drive. He believes America deserves change and he believed from day one that he deserved a chance to help make those changes. You have to believe in something and be willing to work for it so it can come to be. This is lesson my teammates and I should take to heart as well as everyone, everywhere.

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