Cole's World: Holiday Over, Big Ten Season In, Here We Go
Cole McConnell

Jan. 22, 2014

Well Wolverine fans, I have returned. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and has been surviving this cold spell we have had here in the Mitten State.

So, let's get right into it. Let me tell you about life as an injured player on the Michigan basketball team. Currently Mitch (McGary) and I are out for the count, Mitch with his lower back and me with a broken foot.

Yes, there are some blatant negatives like not being able to walk, practice or play here at Michigan. However, we focus on the positives. That is why I am going to talk you through the ways to make the most of being injured.

First, there are a lot of people who instantly show sympathy for guys on crutches. Even on the coldest days there are certain people on campus, and you know who you are, that cannot help but offer a helping hand when they see yours truly crutching across campus. I cannot speak for Mitch because I do not have any classes with him, but I'm sure he does just fine.

Second, anyone who comes to a home game will see Mitch and me looking really suave on the sideline. We cannot dress up too nice because Coach Bacari Alexander would get mad that we look better than him.

Point being, for the home games we dress to impress. Now, there are more ways to make the best of unfortunate injuries but I cannot give away all my secrets so I'll transition to Michigan basketball.

I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty hyped that we're now 5-0 in the Big Ten!

Since I no longer travel due to my injury, I'm writing this blog in my dorm room after watching us beat Wisconsin. What a game! Amazing offense, great defense, it was the definition of Michigan Basketball. I like to think of our team as a perfect combination of swagger and hard work.

In my opinion, the best part of the game was the fact that every player that got in contributed. Spike (Albrecht) hit a big three in the first half. Zak (Irvin) knocked down a pull up jumper in the second half to extend our lead. Jordan (Morgan), Jon (Horford) and Max (Bielfeldt) controlled the glass and did not allow many second-chance baskets.

Derrick (Walton Jr.) organized the team and maintained his composure even when the game got tough. Caris (LeVert) casually scored 20 points while adding seven rebounds and four assists. Glenn (Robinson III) had a NBA like 14 points.

Nik (Stauskas) looked like me in my prime of eighth grade. The kid has ice in his veins for knocking down that last step-back three. I have not seen many college kids be able to create shots like he can. And of course the Bench Mob stole the show by doing what we do and getting WEIRD on the end of the bench.

Now I'll quickly give you a rundown on all the Big Ten games we have played the way I see them.

1) Minnesota. This was our first game and it was on the road. Minnesota is a disciplined, athletic and talented team. They gave us all we could handle but we were able to walk away with a big time win.

2) Northwestern. What matters is the Wildcats came in and Glenn basically said, "We're winning this game." Coincidentally we did win by 23 points. Fun game to watch.

3) Nebraska. We flew to Nebraska to play this game and it's safe to say they were ready. The place was rocking. Nebraska players were jacked up. Unfortunately for them, we were ready for that game too. This game Derrick said, "I'm trying to get home already," so he took over and did what he does and led us to the promise land.

4) Penn State. We're back at Crisler. I'm looking amazing on the bench in my suit. Fans are excited to be back in Michigan. Needless to say we did not forget about what happened last year with Penn State. We came out focused and took care of business. We walked away with the win.

5) Wisconsin. I already talked about this game but basically that was a heck of a game.

Alright everyone, your boy is out for now. Stay chill.

On a side note, why is it so cold in Michigan? It's so not California.

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