Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Not the Time to Save Anything

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
FRIDAY, JAN.30 -- Not the Time to Save Anything

After the loss to Ohio State on Wednesday night, I had a conversation with Anthony Wright and David Merritt while walking to our bus.

Anthony made the statement that losing is something our team cannot get comfortable with or used to. Hearing that made me think back to something my roommate/teammate my freshman year at Manhattan told me.

My freshman year at Manhattan, Justin Gatling, who was a senior on our team told me that a great team has to hate losing more than they like winning. This has stuck with me and it something that I shared with Anthony and David while we were talking about the game. There is something to be said for this and what Anthony said about being comfortable with losing.

When you lose and act like everything is alright, that is a problem.

Our will to win right now needs to be reflected in our effort for these remaining games. We are at a point in the season where the stakes are getting higher and higher with each game we play. It starts in practice and it carries over to the game. This is not the time in the season to save anything. Our team needs to go all out in practice in order to go all out in these games which are going to be vitally important for us.

Keeping the big picture in mind, we have more than enough time to get the results needed to get to where we want to go. My mind has been wrestling with a number of things recently, and one of those things is the reality that this season is flying by and will soon be over. This is not something that cripples me out of fear or makes me sad to the point it is harmful however. In actuality, it serves as motivation because it forces me to give everything I possibly can to this team every day. When you don't have the luxury of having more time, you realize the time that you do have is valuable and worth endearing yourself to.

I don't think anyone on our team is disillusioned about the immediate road ahead of us. What we face will be challenging but we have been challenged and responded to that this season. We have a four game stretch coming up against Purdue, Penn State, UConn and Michigan State that everyone will be watching and interested in. A stretch of games like this is what you play college basketball for.

Our players shouldn't do anything other than what they are supposed to, and that is getting ready for battle.

"The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself," is a quote by Sun Tzu that speaks volumes about what our team should do right now.

Michigan is going to take care of Michigan so when opportunities present themselves, we will be ready to capitalize on them.

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