2001-02 BKM vs. Wisconsin -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "Coming off of the game up at East Lansing, we talked about no matter what happened in that game, how we were going to respond would be one of the keys for this game and our season. We felt that anytime you are facing a situation such as we faced against State, how well we may have played or did not play would say a lot about our kids. I felt our kids played well against a really good team and an upper division team in our conference. To start the game the way that we did was the biggest key for us. Herb Gibson and Mike Gotfredson really gave us a big lift in their effort, I thought Gibson's ability to defend and be active. I felt that we had a great team performance, and we really needed that to hold on to this hard-fought game."

On the differences in shooting percentages between the halves ... "One of the things that we talked about at halftime was trying to sustain our energy and out effort. That has been very difficult for us to do at times. We made some outstanding plays and shot the ball really well in the first half and in the second half we did not. I thought our defense was constant for the most part and that was what we needed to win this game."

On team's response after the Michigan State loss ... "I felt our reaction was going to be a huge signal for us. Anytime you have a big win, can you continue that, and anytime you have a tough loss, can you regroup and bounce back I thought this was a crossroads for us internally. Our season would not have been lost if we had lost this game, but it says a lot about the way our kids approached this season. We have battled every night. Tonight you could really see the energy and the determination to defend."

On lineup changes ... "We have let our kids know that they all have a chance to play for us by what we have done with the lineup. It depends on how they practice, how they respond, how they carry themselves, how they represent themselves, the team and the school. I think in terms of Herb Gibson, he was a kid that we felt could have an impact in this game. He had a tremendous impact because of his defensive ability and his ability to be active. We wanted to match him up with (Kirk) Penney because of how dangerous he can be as an offensive player."

On the team's recent practices ... "We felt that if we would play like we practiced then I liked our chances in this game. We have really practiced hard and competitively over the last couple of days."

Senior Wing Herb Gibson

On guarding Kirk Penney ... "I wasn't concerned with him. I feel like I guard the best players in the Big Ten every day when I am matched up against Bernard (Robinson Jr.) and LaVell (Blanchard). We scouted him well and Coach have us a great game plan to stop him."

On his performance ... "I wouldn't say I played my best, but I held my own out on the court tonight. You're not going to completely stop a player like Penney but I just tried to step up to the challenge and play as well as I could."

Senior Center Chris Young

On responding to the loss at Michigan State ... "I think we responded incredibly well. We had a great day of practice Thursday and another hard day of practice Friday. Our intensity was great. Guys were diving all over the place, going after lose balls and doing the dirty work to help our team win. We played with a passion we have been missing."

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On Michigan's jumping to a big lead early ... "They were very aggressive. We did not move well to the weak side defensively as a team and we let them get to many touches in the post. It took us until halftime to correct that, and by that time it was too late."

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