2004-05 BKM vs. Minnesota -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the game ... "We forced a lot [of turnovers] but certainly had a lot ourselves. We forced a lot but couldn't convert, so that doesn't do us any good. It's obviously very disappointing. We can talk a lot about our offense. There was a lot to be desired there but I thought defensively that's where they put us in a position where they shot 63 percent from the floor for the entire game and 70 percent in the first half. They put us in a position where we were scrambling, trying to get out of a hole, and we were trying too hard to make things happen."

On the mentality of the team ... "I thought the team made a straight effort but mentally at times we had some breakdowns, we had some lapses and some hurdles. The kids are trying but they get in that funk and that mode and that downward spiral is kind of like quicksand sometimes. I sense that from having been there as a player. I can certainly relate to it."

On Dion Harris' offensive struggles ... "We are trying to change things up and shake things up in terms of the line-up and certainly they didn't respond as well. We'd like to go to Dion but he was struggling offensively. He had no perimeter game. He got into foul trouble as well. So not being able to score from the perimeter and picking up early fouls - he ended up fouling out - it was a recipe for disaster."

Michigan Junior Sherrod Harrell

On the game ... "Minnesota came in here prepared to fight and that's what they did, they put up a good fight. They got the best of us today."

On the team's shooting struggles ... "It happens to the best of them. They all go into slumps and right now that is where we are. We just have to find a way to get out of it. We have to work hard and do the little things, the extra things to get out of it."

On the morale of the team ... "We're okay. We're ready to fight. We all have a common goal and were bonding together and pulling togehter towards that goal. We're read to fight for it."

Michigan Junior Chris Hunter

On the team's mental effort ... "We are not sharp. We have to find some kind of way to sharpen it up mentally and be more focused for long periods of time and make smart decisions."

Minnesota Coach Dan Monson

On the win ... "Any time you go on the road and get a win in the Big Ten you're happy. I never imagined that we would turn the ball over and miss as many free throws and still survive. I feel bad for Michigan right now. I know what they're going through. I told Tommy before the game that not a lot of people who what he's going through."

On the Gophers' performance ... "It was one of our best games offensively. We also executed well on defense and we were able to do what we wanted to tonight. We were focussed to start the second half until we started swapping turnovers. I was surprised when I looked up at the clock with two minutes left and saw that we were up by 20. I told our guys it would be a tough game."

On Jeff Hagen's performance ... "We lost our point guard to start the season which forces us to run our offense through our center. Jeff was physical and was able to stay out of foul trouble despite a lot of action down low. He has some serious physical limitations but not mental ones. Centers can be like kickers - off on their own. But he's not like that. He has a point guard's mind in a seven foot body. His offense was efficient and he had a good feel on defense."

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