2001-02 BKM vs. Penn State -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the game ... "It wasn't a work of art by either team. I thought it was a huge gut check by our team. We were coming off an emotional loss and we were going against a team that played us well last time. They were trying to make a move after playing well against Purdue. Our kids were down most of the game, but we found a way to win. I am very happy for our kids, they were very excited in the locker room."

On the turning point of the second half ... "We made some shots down the stretch. Having the lead, you play with more confidence. (Bernard) Robinson's pass to (LaVell) Blanchard for a base-line jumper was a critical, trusting play for our team. It is the right level of play and they see rewards for playing the right way. I love that basketball play, and the fact that it went in, I love it even more."

On looking ahead to next week ... "I can't remember the last time we won two in a row. That is the focus right now, not getting too far in front of us, not thinking about the past. How nice would it feel to get two in row Specifically in a road game."

Senior Center Chris Young

On seeing tangible results of improvement ... "It shows that we are gradually making improvements. From year to year and from game to game we are continually making improvements."

On the team coming together ... "I think everybody from one to 13 understands what it is we are trying to do on the offensive and defensive end. As far as all the intangibles such as diving on the ball, everyone has bought into it."

On the significance of this game ... "It is really big for momentum because we have two huge games coming up. It also shows how we can bounce back after that tough loss not even 48 hours ago to Illinois."

Senior Guard Leon Jones

On early turnovers ... "I think that we were just a little anxious. A lot of guys came in and tried to force things instead of letting the game come to us like Coach (Amaker) was saying. We were trying to make it happen off of one or two passes. We should have been throwing the ball around a couple of times and try to get Chris (Young) a few touches inside. That is when good things happen."

On the difference between this game and the loss to Illinois down the stretch ... "Execution. We executed down the stretch and when we got the lead we held it and made our free throws. That is what helped us win the game. I am proud that we were able to come back and win this game from being down after losing to Illinois like we did."

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