2005-06 BKM vs. Ohio State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "Well, we should have done a lot of things differently. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 when trying to guard their guys. It was one of those games where you thought it was going to be a shootout and whoever is going to be able to survive and get a couple stops in key moments [will win]. I just thought they shot incredibly well. We struggled with guarding them off the bounce [and] off the dribble. I am disappointed in the way we were trying to defend them this evening. I give them credit, because they still have to make those deep shots and they made them."

On Ohio State guard Jamar Butler ... "The first thing I said when I got the stat sheet was, 'look at Butler's line.' He was 7-of-10 for the floor, 2-of-2 behind the three-point line, 4-of-4 from the line, five rebounds, 20 points, five assists, one turnover, he had a block and a steal. You can't get a better line from a guard. He was very efficient and he played beyond his age."

On the play of Courtney Sims ... "I thought he was tremendous. He really was after it, he was a terror on the backboard and on both ends of the floor. He really had a desire out there that we haven't seen in a while and it was really nice to see that kid play with that kind of spirit and passion. He was rewarded for it with is numbers. I am so disappointed he couldn't have that kind of performance with a victory as well.

On the injuries ... "It is one of those things you can't sit here a cry over. You move forward and do the best you can. It certainly does not help us with those key guys out like that. I was proud of our guys in the effort they put forth in the face of it."

U-M Senior Guard Daniel Horton

On his ball distribution ... "This was one of those games where we wanted to come in and try to get the ball in the post.We did that We did everything we wanted to do offensively.We have got to buckle down and defend better.We came out and executed our offensive game plan almost perfectly.When you score 80 points you are supposed to win, so we have got to find a way to defend."

On Ohio State's perimeter shooting ... "We knew coming into the game that they had a lot of guys that can really shoot.We had them down and we were doing a good job of guarding them in the first few minutes of the game. Just like at Iowa though, once you let a team like that get going it is hard to stop them. When they got confidence they were just launching them from deep (range). You have to give them credit. They came in and fought hard and won the game."

On the loss's effect on Michigan's Big Ten season ... "There is still a lot of basketball left to be played. We have to just buckle down on defense and try to get some more stops throughout the game. That is one thing that I am really shocked at right now. We have always been a pretty good defensive team, but we have not been that the last few games."

U-M Senior Forward Graham Brown

On Michigan's first loss at home in their Big Ten season ... "We have just got to buckle down on defense. We did a pretty good job on offense today and Courtney [Sims] did a phenomenal job attacking down low. I think we need to continue to play defense. We need to get in right away and pick up a little bit and continue to get a hand up on the shooters."

On if Michigan can bounce back at Purdue ... "We are going to be ready to play. The last couple of games we have not played as well as we wanted to and we have not played defense like we are used to. We are going on the road though, and it is going to be tough. We are going to have to do what we can to get a win, and this is the time that we need one."

U-M Junior Center Courtney Sims

On his play in the paint ... "I was just posting up strong. Guys were giving me inside passes and their big man was diving. It gave me a lot of space to work."

On letting their 13-point lead slip ... "They were just hitting a lot of threes and we were not playing good defense on the perimeter. We were not stopping them from shooting threes. Their big men and their stars were shooting well. We were not doing a good job of contesting their threes, and we were hoping that they would miss instead of making them miss."

Ohio State coach Thad Matta

On the timeout after Michigan took the early lead ... "I told them to start shooting threes at that point. Earlier on we were tying our offense to our defense. We made some of the biggest mistakes defensively that lead to wide-open shoots for them. I told them to do what we do and not to panic. I told them to keep their composure."

On Ohio State's three-point shooting ... "They were good shoots, a couple were pretty deep. We were struggling down low and I thought that it would help open up things for the rest of the game. I was worried we were going to be 10 points down by halftime. That helped our defense too."

OSU Junior Guard Ron Lewis

On how Ohio State established a lead ... "We just started to pressure them even more. We knew those were their key players, Dion Harris and Daniel Horton. We give a lot of credit to them, they played a great game, but when one of those players weren't in the game we pressured them even more and get more turnovers."

On three point shooting ... "We can give credit to Ivan Harris. He came in and sparked us, that got us going and we kept going after that. That's a lot of credit because we do a lot of shooting in practice, that's credit for us for doing that."

On the road win ... "It's a real good road win against a top team in the conference. Everybody has three losses now, we are one up. It's a real good win for us."

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