2006-07 BKM vs. Minnesota -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On making free throws count in the second half ... "We certainly did. We really talked about that in halftime, how disappointed we were that we got to the line so early and had the double bonus in the first half, and, boy, we didn't cash in and utilize it or use it to our advantage. We didn't make free throws. I was so happy for our kids - because we work so hard at it - that they did a tremendous job of that in the second half, although those two last ones got Lester (Abram), which I still think if I had a chance to put him back on the line I would do the same thing. He's normally an outstanding free throw shooter."

On 16 of Brent Petway's career-best 18 points coming in the second half ... "There's no doubt that Petway was the catalyst for us. I thought his energy, his playing on both ends of the floor, blocking shots, rebounding the ball, being savvy, getting offensive boards and kicking it out, giving us another possession to use clock, and certainly making a few of those high-flying dunks that he usually does for us. He got some baskets around the goal where he finished and got fouled and he did a tremendous job from the foul line - 4-of-5 - which is outstanding. That was a big key; the plus for him was to finish things at the foul line."

On not being in the game without the play of Dion Harris ... "Well, it's no doubt. His offensive production carried us. You look at (the fact that) we didn't play very well defensively. We couldn't guard them. They had five guys in double digits and shot a high percentage. We wouldn't even be able to think about winning this basketball game if that young man didn't have a tremendous basketball game and he did some really good things for us. He was savvy out there, got to the foul line, utilized his size to shoot over the top of that smaller player he had guarding against him. I was real pleased in seeing how two of our seniors really carried us."

On the tangible play of Jerret Smith and Dion Harris ... "I mentioned to our team just a second ago that Jerret and Dion - they're presence, their demeanor they were borderline cocky which was really good to see the confidence growing and building and brewing out there. I had a lot of confidence in Jerret. He was running our team, commanding the basketball, finding people, making plays and he did an outstanding job making free throws down the stretch."

U-M Senior Guard Dion Harris

On Michigan's halftime adjustments ... "All we talked about was playing smarter on offense and playing better on defense. We gave up 42 points in the first half, which was unacceptable for our standards. So all we talked about was smarter offense and better defense."

On his career-high 27 points ... "I was just being aggressive C taking shots and really going after shots. That is basically it. I was just being more aggressive and taking it and looking for my shot today. I went to the foul line a lot more times than I usually do. That was just aggressiveness and looking for my shot."

U-M Forward Brent Petway

On Michigan's desire to win ... "Everybody in this locker room wanted to win this game bad Cfrom the coaching staff right down to the players. We knew we needed to have this game, especially at home. Coach told us that before the game if we won we would be back in fifth place, so that makes it even tougher. So we came in here at halftime and knew we had to find a way to dig it out. I am really proud of the guys in this locker room that were able to do that."

On his career-high 18 points ... "I did not really do anything differently. My teammates just found me. I was just the guy that was open a little bit more tonight. My teammates found me and I was able to knock down a few shots that I don't normally take. But that is just how it goes sometimes with this game."

U-M Junior Wing Ron Coleman

On the win ... "We feel more comfortable. We had some bad games and took a couple (losses) I feel that we are off that slide now and that guys have a lot more confidence going into our next game."

On Michigan's ability to get to the foul line ... "It was really important. We talk about that almost every game C get to the foul line. Guys did a good job penetrating and getting there and knocking down free throws and that was a big part of the game tonight."

Minnesota Interim Coach Jim Molinari

On his overall thoughts of the game ... "They just overpowered us inside and got us in foul trouble, but I'm proud of our guys. They got out-shot 26 to 10 at the free throw line C they came in and fought hard. But I also think Tommy (Amaker) has done a great job with this team. People talk about his team, but his team lost four in a row but three of them were at Ohio State, Indiana and Wisconsin C where no one has won. They're a team that hopefully does a good job. His kids play hard. He's got some seniors C they'll get it together."

On where the team goes from here ... "I'm proud of them C I feel bad for them. They're doing a lot of right things, on and off the court. That group, before they leave here, they're going to bring back Minnesota respect C make them really respectable. I believe that in my heart."

On Minnesota wearing down towards the end ... "It was better in the first half. But we don't have a lot of live-bodies athletes C that's not our strength. So in reality, as the game goes on, they wear down. But were not getting anything defensively from guys we should get defensive things from C the guys who come in off the bench."

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