2001-02 BKM at Colorado State -- quotes

U-M Assistant Coach Chuck Swenson

On the impact of Chris Young fouling out ... "The first thing that I saw when I looked at the stat sheet was that he played only 16 minutes. We really did not have a post presence tonight. LaVell (Blanchard) played well but most of his game tonight was on the perimeter. Us not having an inside game was key. We become a perimeter team on offense when he is not in the game and we missed him on rebounding too. Chris fouling out was really the key. Credit Colorado State for going after him. The first thing they did in the second half was go at him and it worked out well for them."

On Michigan's foul problems ... "We couldn't capitalize at line. Without Chris (Young) we really become a perimeter team and that cuts down on your trips to the line. We had really good looks but just could not put them in. They did a really good job of screening and then fading the screener out for an open shot. They executed better down the stretch than we did. We really had our chance in the first half. We let them hang around, and the longer they were able to do that the more confidence they gained."

On the final play in regulation ... "We were trying to get Bernard (Robinson Jr.) the ball to allow him to create. He got a good look but he lost control of the ball. Bernard had the ball in his right hand and he wanted to cross over to his left because he is lefthanded. He made the move too quick and lost the ball. The play was good but he lost control of dribble."

On how to refocus the team ... "We have to put this behind us. We wanted momentum going into Purdue but that did not happen. We have to be able to keep Chris (Young) in the game. If we can do that then we have better chance to come out of there with a win. This is the type of game that you want to put behind you."

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