Court Vision with C.J. Lee: There Will Be No Quit

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 11 -- There Will Be No Quit

Sorry I missed everyone with a blog entry. I have had a lot on my mind but little time to sit down and write. Much has happened since the last entry. We have played Purdue, Penn State, UConn and Michigan State. Over this stretch of games, we managed a 1-3 record.

These last four games were opportunities for us to secure some quality wins in February. We are well aware of the importance of winning high profile games in February and early March. We did not take full advantage and without question it is disappointing. Our season is hanging in the balance right now and everyone on our team knows it. We have done some wonderful things and shown some tremendous signs of growth but right now that is not enough.

So what do we take from this stretch of games

We obviously know we can play with anyone in the country on any given night. We know that lapses and mistakes on our part can cost us games. We know that we still have time to make an impression and ultimately get to where we want to be. We most certainly know a lot, but we need to start doing it!

I truly believe that the Michigan State game served as an eye-opener.

Our seniors, as well as our team, realize we only have so many chances left to do something special. Physically and mentally, I was drained after the Michigan State game. I honestly think it was an accumulation of the past four games and me realizing that we cannot get this stretch of games back to make statement.

Our next game is versus Northwestern this weekend. I am going to take some time to get healthy and get myself together mentally so I can give this team all that I have. I cannot lead this team if my mindset is not in the right place.

Lucky for me, God, my parents, other family, friends and my coaching staff have given and continue to give me the encouragement I need to persevere. Too much has been invested and too much has been sacrificed for me and this team to feel sorry for ourselves and quit at this point.

Mark my word, as long as our current leaders are here and as long as this coaching staff is here, the word quit and Michigan Basketball will never be in the same sentence.

That I can promise you!

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