2001-02 BKM vs. Indiana -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "[Indiana is] an efficient team. When [they] shoot like they did, you cannot expect many good things to happen for you. We had a number of breakdowns and were not as tough at crucial moments as I thought we needed to be. The three they had at the end of the first half was very big. We had closed the gap and were heading into the locker room with a little momentum but that took it out of us. They executed very well."

On Indiana's offensive effectiveness ... "They have a solid post game. (Jared) Jeffries is a difficult matchup for us. Their perimeter players pass well and stretch you with their shooting. That makes the inside open up and they are efficient with shot selection."

On Indiana's defensive pressure ... "I wish I could say that they did something intricate to take us out of our game. I think that since they score well, they make you hurry when you have the ball and you are not as efficient since you are rushing things. We were doing that tonight."

On U-M's defensive effort ... "I didn't think we played well defensively. I give them credit for what they were doing offensively. Their perimeter game was efficient. They did not force shots and their shot selection was very good. The open shots that they were able to get, they made."

On Chris Young ... "We did a good job making sure he got touches. He did a very good job at the line. When he got there he converted his free throws. He is becoming more of a weapon. Chris becomes difficult to guard since he is making his free throws and putting fouls on the other team."

On the final few games of the season ... "We always go game by game. I think that gives us our best chance of evaluating our team and getting ready for our opponent. We need a strong finish."

Senior Center Chris Young

On the team's perimeter defense ... "I actually thought we did a pretty good job. We had breakdowns but that's going to happen. For the most part I thought we did a pretty decent job. It wasn't nearly as bad as it looked. They were making a lot of big-time shots with guys in their face. There were only a few times when we lost their shooters. The thing we didn't do well was pressure the ball when they were trying to go high-low. That's what I think we need to improve on."

On the team practicing well but not playing well ... "I thought that the energy and the toughness that we showed in practice was here today. There were guys taking charges and getting down on the floor and all the other things that don't show up in the stats. What we weren't doing, though, that we usually do in practice, was get into passing lanes and deny guys the ball when they flash to the top. That's what I think Coach (Amaker) is really concentrating on because in practice we'll get after guys all the way out to half-court, but in the games we'll take only one step past the three-point line and then stop."

On the team's mentality coming home after Purdue ... "We were angry at the way we had played. We came back and had two very good days of practice and that's why I'm very surprised at the way we came out today. However, the motivation is still there for the team."

Indiana Head Coach Mike Davis

On the importance of playing defense ... "That is the only way you can win, is to play defense. Our offensive system is good but defense is the key. Defensively, when you make it tough for the other team, it is tough for them to win. When you play passing lanes and take away their fast break your opponent has a really hard time winning the game."

On Michigan ... "I think they are a very good team. LaVell Blanchard, Bernard Robinson Jr. and Chris Young are all very tough matchups."

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