2006-07 BKM vs. Indiana -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On Michigan's solid defense against Indiana ... "I thought our defensive energy and pressure in the first half was absolutely outstanding. I thought it set the tone for us; our kids really gave great effort. We invested in this game here this afternoon. Give a lot of credit to Indiana; it was a nail-biter all the way through, and I give a lot of credit to our kids the way they were able to give the energy and the effort defensively to put us in the position to have a nail-biter at the end."

On Michigan continuing to fight despite losing a 10-point lead ... "I thought Jerret Smith being in charge of our offense -- he got the start today -- I thought he did a tremendous job with orchestrating some things for us. Dion Harris and his ability; they went to a box-and-one a lot in the second half, in the later stage of the game, and obviously he was being a player in the scoring for us, so that took us out of rhythm. But Jerret and the other kids made some nice interior passes. I thought Courtney Sims' play was tremendous for us coming off the bench. He had big rebounds, big free throws down the stretch, and he was able to get a few big buckets for us as well."

On the way Michigan played against the Hoosiers, who are No. 1 in the league in three-point shooting and No. 1 in defending the three-point shot ... "I thought the energy and the effort that these kids played with on defense was tremendous. We tried to disrupt their rhythm. I think they're a team that gets in a great rhythm as they did somewhat in the second half. As they made the comeback and took the lead, we tried to see if we could somehow disrupt their rhythm. Having D.J. White out of the game with foul trouble was big, obviously, because that's their big interior gun there. So the rhythm they normally play with they didn't have today and that's because our kids defended very well."

On what it means to the program to snap an 11-game losing streak against the Hoosiers ... "It is big for us and it couldn't have come at a better time for us in terms of where we are in our season, what we needed to have a quote-unquote signature marquee win over a ranked opponent and down the stretch here in a conference race. No question, this is a hurdle that we got over here today. (There were) a lot of different ways that we had to do it, but I'm proud of those kids for the effort that they did on the defensive end of the floor."

U-M Senior Center Courtney Sims

On minimizing Indiana forward D.J. White's contribution ... "We did not really focus on him. We knew they had a lot of good shooters. We wanted to make it hard for him to get the ball in terms of one-on-one coverage. You did not really want to double him because you know they can shoot on the perimeter. We just wanted to make it tough on him and not let him get into the spots where he wants to. He got into foul trouble and had to sit so that helped a lot. But he is a really good player and can score any time, any place."

On beating a ranked team late in the season ... "Last year we won a lot of these game against ranked teams early in the season, and I think that kind of hurt us because if we were to have won those games at the end of the season it might have swayed the tournament committee to put us in there. Now we have all these teams -- tough teams, big teams that are on the bubble or are ranked -- to play at the end of our season. Maybe the tournament committee will see that we picked it up at the end of our season."

U-M Senior Forward Brent Petway

On the team's high three-point field goal percentage ... "We did not plan for them to be hitting everything like that. Our guards were able to get good looks, and they were able to find each other. Inside we were able to set screens for them to get them open and they responded at the right moment. The better shots you take, the higher percentage you are going to shoot. I think they did a good job selecting good shots to take. (Dion Harris) had a feeling today and you could tell when he was taking shots that he was feeling good about himself -- the way he was going back down the court. We need that from him, we need that positive look on his face and to see that swagger that he has. He had that on today and it helped us out a lot."

On the win ... "It was a big-time win. We had a great crowd today -- the best we have seen all season, really. I think that played a definite factor. We were able to get some stops toward the end, especially that last one -- it was the biggest one of the game."

U-M Sophomore Guard Jerret Smith

On Michigan's huddle with three-minutes left and a score of 51-51 ... "We just talked about finishing. Some days it is our strong point, but some days it is our weak point. We have got to be confident when we finish, because if you go into the last stretch of the game without confidence then you are not going to win. We all got together and said that this is the time for us and we are just going to have to go ahead and do what we do. Everybody had confidence today. We went there and we knew what we had to do to get it done."

On the pressure of his free throws with 16 seconds left ... "Nothing solid was really going through my head. It was just me at the free throw line. You go through those times a lot -- going through high school and other games you face these situations. At the same time it is a blessing. You have to put it in the Lord's hands, so I just tried to shoot it with confidence and the Lord blessed me to be able to hit both of them. So that is all I did."

Indiana Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

On what he was looking for in the last possession ... "A three. We tried to pick and pop for Lance (Stemler) and (Roderick) Wilmont. The hardest thing in the world is to get a three when you need a three."

On his overall thoughts of his team's performance ... "I thought the last 12 to 14 minutes of the game our kids played with big hearts. They played awfully hard in the second half. They played with a lot of toughness. You've just got to make shots. In the first half, we had a lot of open shots. Sometimes missing shots is like making shots -- it's contagious. It's like the last time we played Michigan -- I don't know if there is any difference in the shots that we got. In the first night, they were going in, but tonight, they weren't going in."

On matching up against Michigan ... "That's a big win for Michigan. Their kids played hard, too. Our biggest problem against a team like Michigan is our length. We're just not very long. Ben (Allen) got in foul trouble, D.J. (White) got in foul trouble. You're left with two 6-foot-5 guys in the post in Xavier (Keeling) and Mike (White). I thought they were battling down there. (Courtney) Sims hurt us a couple times down there with his length. The kid I thought played well for them was (Jerret) Smith. I thought he did a good job at the point. (Dion) Harris hit some big shots. We had our chances. We had a lot of free throw opportunities. In a close game on the road down the stretch, you have to limit the opposing team to one shot, don't turn it over, and make your free throws. We did two of the three."

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