2004-05 BKM vs. Indiana -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the team playing hard ... "They really did. Obviously it is a tough loss, a very crushing loss for our team right now. They feel that way. They really laid it out there, played well and did some really good things that put in position to win. We had some critical mistakes, some turnovers down the stretch that hurt us. You give credit to Indiana. They shot the lights out from three-point range and certainly that doomed our team this afternoon."

On the second half turnovers ... "I thought those were the critical times when we didn't come away with something. We coughed it up and Indiana did some things to try and knock it away from us. Certainly, there were critical turnovers at those moments that hurt our team."

On if the team still buys into working hard ... "I think so. I think when you watch us today, it's evident that they have bought in. When you say good things will happen, good things did happen, we just didn't win the game. I think that's important for us to understand. I mentioned to our players that I thought we made some steps to get better, we did some really good things and I was really proud of that. Obviously we had some critical mistakes that really took the life out of us to get over the hump and win the ball game. Certainly, I thought we did some really good things and saw some flashes of things that we can continually use for this latter part of the season."

On the play of Sherrod Harrell ... "I think if anyone told us before the game that Bracey Wright would put up the numbers he did, I would feel pretty good about our chances. I thought that Sherrod and other players when we switched off on Bracey really contained him for the most part. He is coming off an injury, so he's not back in game shape and completely healthy in terms of his lift and his ankle and getting his shot. But, I really give credit to our kids for their attention to detail in guarding him."

On carrying Michigan's shooting over to the next game ... "We're hoping so. We did a decent job offensively other than the turnovers and the shooting percentage was pretty good for us. The three-point shooting percentage for the Hoosiers was the difference."

U-M Junior Guard Sherrod Harrell

On holding Bracey Wright to 1-for-8 from the field ... "I didn't even know that. He is a great player and I just tried to do a good job on keeping him to a low amount of points. I tried to not give him easy shots, and tried to take him out of the game and not be a big factor."

On Indiana's three-point shooting ... "That hurt us. It really did. It really broke our back. We really tried to do a good job of closing out high and hard, and helping out on missed shots. They were just getting the ball and making their shots, and we paid for it."

U-M Junior Forward Graham Brown

On Michigan's 10-game losing streak ... "We are always trying to get better. It's not like our season is over. We still have games to be played, and we're going to try to go out and win those games."

On Michigan's losing streak to Indiana ... "I go out there everyday and try to win one for the coaching staff. Coach Amaker hasn't got a win out there vs. Indiana, and I was hoping to go out there and get a win for him today. Especially, on a day like this with Glen Rice's number being retired. As a team we were hoping to join in on the celebration. You just have to hand it to Indiana, and we're just going to have look towards getting them in the Big Ten Tournament."

U-M Sophomore Guard John Andrews

On his aggressive performance ... "I am just trying to play hard and play defense. Trying to do whatever I can to help the team."

On cutting the lead to within eight ... "We made some good plays. Brent (Petway) gave us some jump shots. Dion was attacking. We put a lot of pressure on their defense and we made a little run."

On what the team needs to do to get back on track ... "The biggest thing we need to do is have confidence in ourselves. We have some good basketball players and we just need to get our confidence and swagger back. We need to play hard and have fun; that's a big key."

U-M Sophomore Guard Dion Harris

On the game ... "We started off bad. Out of the first 12 points, they had five layups. I think that started the whole thing today. We got it down to 10 late, but they hit a couple shots and that took away from our energy."

On his play recently ... "I think I am just going out and playing my game; trying to do my best. The shots are falling for me."

On the morale of the team ... "I dont think we have found that out yet. We are still confident and we still believe in what we are doing. We have a lot of basketball to play. I think we are going to hang in there for the rest of the season."

U-M Sophomore Forward Brent Petway

On his shooting ... "I had a new found confidence in my shooting ability. Coach (Amaker) told me to go in there and take the shot. With him having the confidence that boosted my confidence even more. So I took the shots and they fell. I have been practicing all year on my shooting and this game I had the opportunity."

On the team's struggles ... "We all really know what we all need to. We are not really looking at it as a struggle. We just have to turn this thing around. We have a tough one a Wisconsin and we just need to keep working hard and hope things turn around for us."

U-M Sophomore Forward Courtney Sims

On outscoring Indiana in the paint ... "We were trying to get inside and I think we did a decent job at that. We didn't do it as well as we could, but they also did a good job of getting inside too during the second half. They got a lot of their post points in the second half."

Indiana Coach Mike Davis

On the game ... "I've never seen a team with this much bad luck. Tommy (Amaker) had a good team coming into the year and lost some players to injuries and other things, but his team is still fighting hard. I thought they had a chance to beat us today. In the last three-minutes of the game, I thought we made some big shots and kept control of the basketball, that ended up giving us the game."

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