Bartelstein Blog: Two Big Wins, Real DVR Answers, Splash of Powder, Great Fans
Josh Bartelstein

Feb. 22, 2012

What's up everyone?

What a great week! I have so many things to talk about that I'm not sure I will get it all down. BUT ... How about two wins over two really good teams AND the crowds were great for both games -- even though one was on the road.

When all is said and done in my Michigan career, Saturday's game against Ohio State will be one of my favorite memories. All the fans showing up at 5 a.m. for ESPN College GameDay, the atmosphere leading up to the game all day and then that game itself. It was and is truly a special moment in my career.

Crisler was so loud that I could not hear anyone talking to me on the bench. Everyone was on the edge of their seats and it was just a great college basketball game. We have a goal of winning a Big Ten championship and the only way to accomplish that was by beating Ohio State at home. We did that.

We couldn't have done it without our great fans and as I tell everyone -- we have as good of a home-court advantage as anyone in the country and that's a big reason why we haven't lost there yet.

Now onto a very important matter!

The College GameDay part of the day was very cool to take part in, but I need to clarify some things about who watches what on our DVR from Zack (Novak) and Stu's (Douglass) "Know Your Teammate" interview.

First of all, I only started watching Gossip Girl my freshman year because Zack told me how good of a show it was. I'll admit I got hooked for a while, but this year I stopped watching because I lost interest. Zack, HOWEVER, still watches the show weekly and as he said, he is a big Serena van der Woodson fan, but then again who isn't? The other show we BOTH watch is Keeping up with the Kardashians. I have no comment on that.

I'm sure many of you noticed Zack looked pretty good on College GameDay Saturday morning. Some would say his face was even glowing. Well, the reason his face was glowing was due to the fact that he had a nice little touchup by a makeup artist before he went on TV.

As good of a win Saturday was over the Buckeyes, I'm more impressed with our win Tuesday over Northwestern. All the experts said this was the ultimate let down game and we had no chance of winning. I even had a reporter tell me 10 minutes before the game that we had no shot.

I just smiled because maybe in years past we wouldn't be able to handle success, but this team has great mental toughness and we are playing for a Big Ten championship! Teams don't get a chance to compete for a ring every year, so the excuses about being tired and not focused really weren't an option. We took care of business.

The day before we left for Chicago, Stu said that Northwestern's arena was small and not that loud. Well he was right about it being small, but it was really loud Tuesday night. However, it was loud with chants of "Let's Go Blue!"

That is one of the coolest parts of playing for Michigan. We have such passionate fans and they are everywhere. The entire upper deck of the arena was packed wearing Maize and Blue. After the game, we signed autographs like it was a home game. All in all, it was just a special night for our team.

Now we move onto Senior Night Saturday against Purdue which will be very special and emotional for our fans, team, coaches and me. It should be a great crowd as we continue our push to winning a championship.

Oh yea, don't forget to check out my video feature from Coach Beilein's TV show.

Keep sending in your questions to and I will keep writing back.

Go Blue!

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