2003-04 BKM vs. Michigan State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "First of all, congratulations to Michigan State. It was an outstanding game, a game that was a gut-wrenching loss for us. I thought the way they played in the second half, their shooting percentage was outstanding. I give them a tremendous amount of credit. The Chris Hill late three was a backbreaker for us. We did a good job of defending that play, but he buried a big shot. I was really proud of our team. I thought we played with a lot of effort and intensity and heart. We really worked hard, but we just came up a little short."

On Michigan State's 8-0 run in the second half ... "It is obvious when you are playing an outstanding team that no lead is safe. They went on an 8-0 run and that was a key moment. We could not stop them at the point. I am disappointed in our defense. We went into a zone we tried man-to-man, but we could not stop them."

On Michigan's not hitting its shots during Michigan State's run ... "We had two wide-open three-pointers, but we did not hit ours and they hit theirs. To me that was the difference in their run. Hill's three late was the shot that broke our back."

On bouncing back ... "I am confident that our guys are going to bounce back and play hard on Sunday. We have shown the ability to bounce back and we will do that again this Sunday."

On Bernard Robinson Jr. ... "I thought he played his heart out. He played a tremendous first half and led us all game long. He is leading this team the best way that he knows how and that is to play as hard as he can every minute he is on the floor."

On Courtney Sims ... "We wish we could have gotten him more touches, but what else can he do. If we are looking for a freshman to lead us all game long in a game like this, I am not sure if that is right formula for us."

U-M Senior Bernard Robinson Jr.

On the game ... "It's disappointing. We let the game go. I'd like to tip my hat to Michigan State, they did some key things down the stretch with a big shot over Courtney Sims at the end. It was a great game, but we let it slip away."

On the second half ... "We definitely missed some shots we should have made. Michigan State was executing at their end, especially the last two minutes. They were tough to stop and Chris Hill did a great job at the end."

On the morale of the team ... "It's tough, but we have to get over it and that will be tough to do, but as a team we know what we have to do to get ourselves a chance to get into the tournament. We have to get over it and go to the next step."

U-M Freshman Courtney Sims

On the game ... "We made some shots at the beginning of the game, and they made some shots at the end of the game. They just made the shots at the end of the game. That was the difference right there in the game."

On the rest of the season ... "We just need to regroup and keep our heads up. We just need to make sure we stay focused for the next game."

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening statement ... "It was a story of two halves. There is no question that they dominated us in the first half. I was disappointed in the play of our three perimeter players. Kelvin Torbert was the guy that we thought had the most to give and was giving the least. I am very proud of his second half. He was down on himself, but he responded in the second half. We battled back to tie the rebounding thing. Michigan is a good team, they really are. Sure, someone is going to get a leg up with the win, but if they take care of business, I think they deserve to get in. I am sick of the Big Ten getting knocked nationally. I am really proud of this team. I don't use those words often, but I am really proud of the way we bounced back in the second half."

On who is going to step up for MSU from game to game ... "I thought all of our perimeter players played poorly in the first half. The only guy I thought played well for us in the first half was Alan (Anderson), but he was in foul trouble. I don't know who is going to step up for us so I would hate to be the opposition. It sure is fun to see different guys stepping up from game to game."

On his impressions of the first half ... "I was disappointed with our efforts in the first half. We got out-rebounded by a large margin and I think that was because of our lack of effort. We did not want to drive Michigan, we wanted to drive and kick. Everyone knows that Michigan's strength is shot blocking and there were four or five times that we drove and got shots blocked or altered. I was disappointed with them in the first half."

MSU Junior Guard Kelvin Torbert

On the halftime adjustments ... "I think it was just us coming in and getting on each other and Coach getting on us too. We knew we could go out there and play a lot better and I think everybody took that to heart."

On MSU's outside shooting ... "I knew coming in, especially in the second half, that they were banging down hard on Paul (Davis) and that if we kept feeding him then a lot of other guys were going to get open shots, so I tried to go out there and knock them down."

On the second-half comeback ... "They were hitting those shots earlier and they still got open looks in the second half, but they just weren't falling for them. They are still a pretty good team and they were still in this game so we knew we had to keep playing hard. It's good to get a win like this against your rival."

MSU Junior Guard Chris Hill

On the game ... "We made plays, guys executed and hit big shots and we just hung in there. This is probably as good as I've felt after a win since I've been here."

On the momentum swing ... "We could feel a little bit of momentum. I don't know what point it was but Kelvin (Torbert) hit a big three and then Maurice (Ager) hit a big three, or vice versa. Those consecutive threes right there kind of got us over the top and we carried that momentum on."

MSU Sophomore Center Paul Davis

On the win ... "We knew that after they got that big win against Wisconsin they were going to have their confidence. We had our confidence too. It was really a tale of two halves. They got us the first half, but we fought back and did what we needed to do the second half."

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