Court Vision with C.J. Lee: The Battles We Fight Within Ourselves

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
TUESDAY, FEB.24 -- The Battles We Fight Within Ourselves

We are at a point in the season where every win seems like the world is perfect and every loss seems like the world is falling apart.

The game versus Minnesota was a good win for us. The game versus Iowa was a bad loss for us. We have experienced both sides of the coin over the course of the past week. While our team knows that we have opportunities to make some history, we do realize that those opportunities are diminishing by the day.

Since the last game, I -- like a lot of my teammates -- surely have been beating themselves up mentally. This type of wishing and second guessing does way more harm than good. We need to distance ourselves from this way of thinking immediately.

Greg Harden, an associate Athletic Director and a mentor of mine, has given me some of the best advice while here at Michigan. As recent as a few weeks ago, he told me that the greatest battles we fight are those with ourselves. On numerous occasions, he has also told me that I know what do to and how to do it. I just need to get out of my own way to actually do it. I see this as one of those times for both the team and myself.

As one of the emotional leaders, it is important that I bring a positive attitude and energy to the table. We have some more magic left in us and it is important during times like these that we think about times in the past when we have had success.

My parents, family, and close friends have been instrumental in keeping me in good spirits and confident. They provide me with perspective because I am very critical of myself as a player and person. The calls, text messages, and emails have been vital throughout the season, but have been very helpful as this season winds down.

My aunt Ava gave me Tony Dungy's new bookUncommona couple of weeks ago. I read most of it while traveling back from Northwestern a week ago and finished it shortly after. The book said a lot of good things but the two things I took from it were platforms and purpose.

We all are given certain platforms to perform on and we are given these platforms to serve a certain purpose. Each member of the Michigan Basketball program was given the platform of performing at a premiere institution in a premiere conference. The purpose all of us associated with program right not hope we are to fulfill is to get Michigan back to prominence in basketball.

Purdue, Wisconsin and Minnesota remain on our regular season schedule. All three are NCAA tournament caliber teams, fighting for the same thing we want. As bad as we may feel about the missed opportunity versus Iowa, we cannot dwell on it because Purdue is our next opponent.

As I said earlier, we cannot beat ourselves up mentally and hurt our preparation for Purdue.

With Michigan being on spring break right now, we will have plenty of time to prepare and ready ourselves for this last leg of the season.

It is important that guys get their rest and stay mentally sharp. We are going to need our best basketball of the season to have success in these last games.

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