2001-02 BKM at Wisconsin - Quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On playing a team that had a lot to play for ... "I thought that really showed. We got caught playing a team with a lot to play for and I hope sometime soon we are in that situation. Wisconsin got a lot of support from its fans and the crowd tonight. You have to take your hat off to them and congratulate them on winning the Big Ten."

On Wisconsin getting open for three-point attempts ... "I didn't think they got that many open shots. We were able to get a hand in their face a lot of times but sometimes with three-point shooting it just gets to be contagious. I think that's just what happened tonight."

On playing in the big games ... "I hope that we can recognize that we need to be able to play in pressure situations where things are won or lost. I hope that we can be in those situations in the future."

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