2003-04 BKM vs. Ohio State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "Certainly, I thought this was a win for our program and team that was critical coming off an emotional game over the week. We could see some of the lingering effects of the week early on. I give a lot of credit to our guys to be able to battle through. I thought Brent Petway was outstanding with his blocks and offensive rebounds He was the difference for our team and any time you get a chance to have a win this time of year to keep us on track, especially on Senior Day. It feels good."

On the turnovers ... "We are concerned with that. We were not very sharp with the ball; in fact we were very loose with it. We have been loose a lot this year with it. It seems everything about basketball can be contagious and that can be good and bad. Something we have not been good at this year but did well today is shoot free throws. The turnovers were a negative effect being contagious."

On Bernard Robinson Jr.'s final game at Crisler Arena ... "He mentioned this was the first time he had a chance to participate in a Senior Day win. He is very proud to be able to walk off the floor as winner. There are certain moments you will always remember as a player and Senior Day and your final home game are some of them. He and Colin (Dill). I am very proud of them, knowing what they have been through here and how much they have helped get this program in the right direction. They are very excited and they should be proud of their effort and their teammates."

On the play of Brent Petway ... "We have seen Brent do a lot of things at times in a spectacular fashion. He was fairly efficient and very active and lively today. I really thought his athleticism stood out. We have been tabbed as an athletic team but I didn't think we looked very athletic today. Petway was himself. He made his free throws and his energy and effort defensively were keys for us."

On the shooting of Lester Abram ... "When Lester came in and made a couple of baskets to get us moving it got on us going right away. Lester is that kind of player for us. He was very efficient today. I am disappointed in the five turnovers, especially that one at the end, but when shoot that way I guess we can allow something to go wrong."

U-M Senior Bernard Robinson Jr.

On the game ... "It was a tough game. Ohio State played well and did a good job but we stayed focused, kept our minds straight, and played a hard-nosed game."

On reflecting on his Michigan experience ... "If I had one word, I'd call it fun. It's definitely been a fun time, you learn a lot here. We've been through almost everything you can possibly be through in basketball. I've enjoyed every minute of it."

On what the team needs to do to be successful on the road ... "We definitely have to come out and play the way we've been playing the last couple of games. We need to run, rebound, get out on the break and defend well."

U-M Senior Colin Dill

On the emotions of Senior Day ... "The last game is great, something you have been thinking about since your freshman year. Being able to come out here for your last home game and win is great. It gets emotional at parts, seeing your mom and dad out there and knowing that it's your last home game. It was definitely exciting and emotional."

U-M Freshman Brent Petway

On the win ... "It was a big win for us. We really had to gut it out and we showed a lot of toughness. We have to go on the road and get two more now."

On his overall performance on both ends of the court ... "My teammates got me the ball on offense and I always try to play hard on defense."

Ohio State Coach Jim O'Brien

On the difference in the game ... "I think the big difference was our inability to guard them and stop them when we needed to. In the first half we did well on defense but they scored in transition and offensive putbacks. That was a big dilemma for us."

On Michigan's athleticism ... "We talked about that for a couple of days, about their conversions. We spent two days working on conversion and blocking out. We were very much aware of their strengths, which is getting out and getting on the boards. After our first basket we tried some soft pressure and they went right past us. They got the ball in before we got into it. They just beat us down the floor. Our guys played hard today, but we had a very hard time stopping them when we had to. This may be the most talented and athletic team in conference. We are not those things and that hurt us today."

On the play of Brent Petway ... "He doesn't shoot but he gets all over the glass. He is one of those guys that if you don't put a body on him he will make you pay. He had five baskets and I think four, if not all five of them, came on offensive putbacks."

OSU Junior Guard Tony Stockman

On Michigan's defense ... "They were just pressuring us, so it was hard to find people. They were pressuring Fuss (Cheatham) up top, and we had trouble getting open. By the time we did get open, it was hard to get it in."

OSU Senior Center Velimir Radinovic

On Michigan's performance ... "The tempo of the game was up and down. There were a few times they beat us down the floor, and we weren't able to get back and defend them. I think we did a good job when we got back, but offensive rebounds and tempo were what killed us today."

On Michigan forward Brent Petway ... "He's real athletic, and he gets up real quick. The other guys were real aggressive around the hole, so it forces us to help out a little bit, and he was hanging around the rim so he's able to get some easy buckets."

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