2001-02 BKM Game #27 - Postgame Quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On if he feels that his team quits ... "I have been asked before if I felt that our team has quit and that really offends me. I am very proud to coach this team and be the coach at this school. I do not think that our kids have ever quit. We have not played as well at times, but at no point in time have they ever quit. It is always tough to lose a game, especially in this environment, specifically it being Senior Day. It is always nice when you can win on Seniors Day. We are very proud of our seniors and our team."

On going into the Big Ten Tournament ... "We still have an opportunity to play some basketball this year. It is one and done, and crazier things have happened. We are still holding out hope that some things can happen for us this season."

On the execution of offense ... "I thought that for the most part, I was not overly concerned with shot selection. I thought we worked some good shots and we moved the ball to get it to the right guys. I felt that we passed up a few shots. If we had taken a few more shots, they would have been good looks for us and they might have gone in."

On Dommanic Ingerson ... "He played fairly well. We were really looking for him to shoot the ball. He could have taken a few more that would have been good looks for us. He is a player that if he gets the chance to make some shots, he becomes a different player. It is one of his better games and his attention to detail was consistent. I was pleased with his effort."

Sophomore Wing Bernard Robinson Jr.

On his performance ... "I felt that I had a hot hand so I was just shooting on instinct. We were doing a good job of spreading the ball around to the hot hand. Credit Coach (Amaker) for that."

On his mentality going into the Big Ten Tournament ... "I am in it to win it. We feel that we could surprise some people. We can compete with good teams and we will be playing in a neutral environment. It is one game and you are out so you never know what happens in a tournament."

Senior Center Chris Young

On his emotions ... "I was experiencing every emotion possible. It was very difficult knowing that that was going to be the last time that I would walk off the court at Crisler. I did not think that it would hit me as hard as it did, especially because I did not have that much trouble with it before that game."

Ohio State Coach Jim O'Brien

On his reaction to winning the conference championship ... "I am very happy with the opportunity to share the championship. After the game, it was about our team acknowledging our fans. We had an unbelievable presence here tonight and I think that it really helped our team. They showed up on their own and we need to thank them for caring so much about us and our program."

On facing the winner of the Michigan vs. Northwestern game in the tournament ... "Neither of those teams is going to be an easy win for us. We have had a bad history in the tournament so far. We lost to Iowa last year when they had played the night before. In that case having a bye did not help us. Even though we are 2-0 against each of those teams this season, it will not be an easy game."

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