Bartelstein Blog: The Work Ahead, A Shot at the Title and A Little Senior Day
Josh Bartelstein

March 3, 2012

What's up everyone?

We are coming off a great win at Illinois, something a Michigan team has not done in a long time. I believe I was told 1995. That is a long, long time. How about those performances from Tim (Hardaway Jr.) and Trey (Burke)? I mean they impress us more and more as the season goes along.

Now we have just one more to go. We have one more day to get ready for Penn State in what is a huge game for multiple reasons.

For one, with a little help from Ohio State and a win over Penn State, we can be Big Ten champions. It would be a three-team split, but that would not really matter at all to us. All year we have talked about winning a championship and whether it is a tie or outright. It would be a major accomplishment.

A win would also put us over .500 on the road in the Big Ten, which is a sign of a really good team. Go look around the country at how many teams are over .500 on the road in their conference. You will not find many!

After every workout this year, whether it was a weight lifting session in July, an individual with our coaches in September or practice in October, we have ended each session saying "Big Ten champs" on three when we bring it in at the end.

It has been a goal every since we lost to Duke last year to win the best conference in the country and with two days left in the season, we have put ourselves in position to do just that. It would just show what a ton of hard work and focus can really do!

Going back a little, I didn't get to really write about Zack (Novak) and Stu (Douglass) on senior night. Don't worry, I have a lot more to write on them at a more appropriate time because we still have a ton of basketball left, but they deserve some plug in my blog.

There is nothing I can really write that will give them enough credit for what they mean to Michigan basketball. They represent what the program is all about on and off the court. Just think about how much they have improved from their freshman year to now.

Zack could not dribble and get in the lane anywhere like he does now and Stu has become the best perimeter defender in the Big Ten. Just ask Coach Beilein how much improvement he has made. But more importantly, Zack and Stu have been the faces behind the turnaround of Michigan basketball, the ones answering all the questions through the bad times and now the good times.

They have never backed away from any question, any appearances and have represented the program as well as possible. I get so many emails telling me to thank them for all they have done while at Michigan and I share it with them all the time because they deserve to know just how special this turnaround has been.

Lastly, I have received some questions about how we travel for road games.

Simply put, we travel like a pro team. All of our flights are chartered meaning we fly with just our team on the plane. We always fly in the night before a game and leave right after usually getting home around 2 a.m. depending on what time the game started and where it was at.

Many teams are not as lucky as us and cannot fly privately, so they have to miss school the next day and fly commercial home.

Well that is it for now. Keep writing in your questions and comments to and I will either respond directly to you or through the blog.

Next time I write, hopefully, we are celebrating a championship.

Go Blue!

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