Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Live Life Without Regrets

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
SUNDAY, MARCH 8 -- Live Life Without Regrets

Since my last blog -- we have played Purdue, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

As you can imagine, emotions have been running high lately and much is being discussed about our standing for postseason. The only thing we could control was our effort in these games. We closed this last stretch of game with a nice 2-1 record.

Purdue was an emotional day for me and my fellow seniors.

The team played incredible and we were able to pull off a much needed victory. It was special holding up the Michigan jersey in a frame with my family there to support me. It was also special singing "The Victor's" song after the game at center court. I am truly blessed and honored to be a Michigan Wolverine!

Wisconsin was a hard fought game but we did not come out victorious.

It was not a moral victory that we were there in the end because at this point in the season, we have worked too hard for moral victories. Actual wins are the only things that count.

The Minnesota game was an incredible game for a number of reasons. The night before and the day of the game, the message in the locker-room was clear. "queme los barcos," or "Burn the Boats."

Coach Beilein last year spoke of burning the boats because defeat is not an option. This was the first time I had ever heard that. Coach John Mahoney took it a step further and gave us a presentation on the history of this the night before the game.

Hernando Cortes was a conquistador who sailed to the New World in attempt to find treasure. To make a long story short and obviously leaving a lot of the historical context out, many had tried before him and failed to find the treasure they sought. While in the New World, Cortes trained his soldiers by day and built their moral at night by making them remember what they came to do.

When the time came for Cortes and his men to fight, he told his men to burn the boats. Cortes told them that defeat was not an option and when they got what came for, they would sail back home in the enemy's boats.

This story matched up perfectly with where we were yesterday at Minnesota. Defeat was not an option and our team played that way. What was most impressive to me was that there were stretches where we didn't play well. But the attitude of the team was one of steadiness, determination and persistence. Everybody contributed to the win yesterday, and our coaching staff did an unbelievable job of managing the game and keeping us players focused on our objective.

The past few days have been filled with history lessons. My fellow captain David Merritt gave an incredible pregame speech before we took the floor yesterday at Minnesota. He told us about the opening scene from the movie "Troy."

Essentially, Achilles was supposed to fight a giant Thessalonian, who everybody else was afraid to fight. Before going into battle, a child spoke to Achilles and said that the giant was the biggest man he had ever seen and that he wouldn't want to fight him. Achilles responded by saying, "That is why you will not be remembered."

The story David delivered was inspiring. Once in a lifetime opportunities should not be hampered by fear. They should be embraced with positive thinking, will, and determination. This does not ensure that everything will go right every time, but you will certainly live a life without regret, because you were not afraid to pull the trigger. Doing things that will last forever separate you from others, and to do something that will last forever is probably the greatest opportunity a human can get.

Legacy, was the thing David was hinting at in his speech.

If you have seen "Troy," all Achilles cared about was his legacy. I hope and pray we have a few pages left to write in our legacy as a team this year.

Yesterday was a big step and a big win, but the regular season is over.

We are now moving into post-season play and the stakes have never been higher. Our season, our story, and our legacy are pending right now. We need to do everything in our power to attack this Big Ten Tournament.

We are not interested in playing the waiting game; hoping and praying other teams lose. We are interested in doing what we can do, and that is win.

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