2003-04 BKM vs. Illinois -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On today's game ... "Congratulations to Illinois. Coming into the game, we recognized how tough they are as a basketball team. Certainly we ran right into that. Their perimeter play is outstanding. Their quickness is terrific. I'm proud of our team. We battled very hard, we competed very hard."

On whether Michigan should go to the NCAA tournament ... "Obviously no one's going to listen to what I say or what I think, but we're a basketball team that's played a very competitive schedule. We have 18 wins overall and finished .500 in our league. As Bernard (Robinson Jr.) said, I'm not sure the Big Ten Conference is so-called 'down,' that's just the lingo in the party line. So we'll wait to see what happens tomorrow. I think we have a great chance of getting far in the postseason. We'll be very proud of that no matter what tournament we're selected to play in. I'm hoping we can keep getting better as a basketball team. It's a nice opportunity to participate in a postseason tournament and we're hoping for the NCAA tournament."

U-M Senior Bernard Robinson Jr.

On Illinois' defense ... "They play perimeter defense a lot like us. They make opponents rush their offense a little bit more than you want to. At the start of the game, they did a good job of covering up. We were able to come back in the first half and start working our offense. When you get started out that way, there's a lot of things they can stop you from doing on offense."

On whether Michigan should go to the NCAA tournament ... "I definitely think Michigan should be there. It is up to the committee whether or not we are, but we are a very good team and I think our record has not shown how good we are. But I definitely think we should be there."

U-M Sophomore Daniel Horton

On Illinois' defense ... "They're pretty good defensively. They are very active, jumping in and out of the passing lanes trying to get you to make quick decisions, try to get you to turn the ball over. It worked on some stretches at the beginning of the game, but throughout the game we did a better job at finding guys for open shots."

On how he had to step up in today's game ... "I just did anything the coaches asked me to do and what my team needed me to do. I wasn't going to try to do anything special. We've played when guys were in these situations before where a guy didn't play or he was in foul trouble. But I think I just had to go out there and play. We have guys who are capable of stepping in and stepping up to playing well for us, so we weren't trying to do anything special."

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