Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Thankful, Proud, Blessed and Overjoyed

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
SUNDAY, MARCH15 -- Thankful, Proud, Blessed and Overjoyed

The University of Michigan Men's Basketball Program is in the NCAA Tournament!

Watching the Selection Sunday Show in Crisler with our friends, families and fans was so much fun. It was also a little stressful because we were one of the last teams called into the field of 65.

When they announced our name, our team went crazy. I was so excited that my phone flew right off its clip and was almost trampled by us dancing and celebrating. The look on my teammates faces was something that I will never forget. These men worked so hard to give us this opportunity and we are thankful to the Selection Committee for giving us a chance.

It was so surreal after it was all said and done. I can remember hugging my teammates, coaches, and other staff people during our celebration. This is something that everyone dreamed about and it all became a reality.

While being interviewed by the media, I really tried to take it all in. The moment was obviously one filled with joy and elation. I am thrilled to be a part of this special season and fortunate to be at a school like Michigan. The moment will forever speak for itself. I cannot add to it or take anything away from it. It was joy in one of its purest forms.

This is exactly what our coaching staff and players came to this institution to achieve. We realize that making the NCAA Tournament gives you the opportunity to win the most coveted prize in college basketball. We realize the importance of this step for our program.

Without question we have talked about putting Michigan back in the national picture. Getting into the NCAA Tournament is the first step to putting us in the national spotlight consistently.

Coach Beilein told us that it would be close and it came down to the end inevitably. Coach Beilein told us that we had done everything that was asked of us, and either way our season had been a success and a step in the right direction for our program.

Fortunately we got the result we wanted.

We are thankful, proud, blessed and overjoyed to be in the NCAA Tournament.

Now it is time to prepare for our opponent Clemson. We all will remember this special moment for the rest of our lives but we have to work and prepare for the next game. The next game at this point in the year is the only game that is guaranteed.

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