Wolverines Arrive in Nashville

March 15, 2012

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Wednesday, March 14
6:24 pm -- The families of the coaches and support staff begin arriving at AV Fuel at Willow Run Airport. Administrative assistant Lisa Nicholson and her son Jack provide the official party documentation to the crew staffing the facility.
6:52 -- Strength coach Jon Sanderson, wife Jen and their children pull up and unload their minivan just before the team bus pulls up to the terminal.
6:54 -- The team bus arrives and Coach John Beilein is the first to depart and walk into the terminal.
6:58 -- Beilein comes into the lobby and immediately heads to his granddaughter Finley. He holds her for a few minutes before putting her down to walk around. Beilein follows Finley around as the one-year old walks around the lobby and outside on the sidewalk.
7:00 -- Players come through the doors and sit down in leather chairs to relax before taking the one-hour flight.
7:05 -- Coach Beilein socializes with the players while the families go through security. He stops to talk with administrators about the NCAA play-in games and the NIT games played last night.
7:16 -- Stu asks if he can get by to use the restroom, while Administrative Specialist C.J. Lee tells the players they can't sit past the 12th row. Lee tells them, "Time to buddy up. Share a row with your teammate."
7:22 -- Coaches LaVall Jordan, Bacari Alexander and Jeff Meyer walk to the back of the plane to see their wives and children. On their way back, the coaches stop and talk to the players.
7:29 -- Players make fun of Tim (Hardaway) asking, "Did you call your Dad back?" Tim proceeds to tell everyone "No, I will talk with him tomorrow." Novak spends about 15 minutes perusing Twitter on his iPhone, while the players wait for the plane to get loaded with luggage. Michigan Radio Network play-by-play announcer Matt Shepard does his game preparation while seated across the aisle from Basketball PR Director Tom Wywrot. Shepard periodically asks Wywrot questions about the team and the NCAA Tournament and the field.
7:50 -- A flight attendant came over the intercom and tells the players and staff to turn off cellular devices and to stow electronics as they make final preparations for takeoff.
7:57 -- Airborne! The plane takes off from Willow Run Airport bound for Nashville, Tenn.
8:11 -- A flight attendant makes an announcement allowing portable devices and players begin listening to music and watching movies.
8:01 CT -- Touchdown in Nashville: The Wolverines' plane arrives in the Music City. Equipment manager Bob Bland and managers are the first ones off the plane to collect the group's luggage.
8:23 -- The buses depart the Nashville Airport for the ride to the hotel.
8:50 -- Three buses roll up to the Loews Hotel approximately 1.7 miles from Bridgestone Arena and on the outskirts of the Vanderbilt University campus.
8:52 -- Players, staff and families collect their luggage on the street out front of the hotel. Everyone heads inside where Director of Basketball Operations Travis Conlan and Tom Wywrot hand out room keys to the travel party.
8:57 -- The hotel staff pipes in "The Victors" loudly from the Juke Box that is located next to the elevator.
9:00 -- C.J. Lee sends the players a text about the team meeting that will take place in 15 minutes on the Mezzanine Level of the hotel.
9:12 -- Players begin arriving to the meeting. The majority of the team comes together with a few players arriving after they finished putting their stuff in the hotel.
9:17 -- Trainer Jon DoRosario hands out Gatorade and water to all the players before the start of the team meeting and film session. DoRosario tells the players to "Hydrate! Make sure you get hydrated."
9:21 -- Beilein enters the meeting room and talks with Video Coordinator Pete Kahler. After speaking briefly with captain Zack Novak and a few players, Beilein starts the meeting by going over the schedule for tomorrow. He sets the tone for the next few days and tells the team to remain focused on their goals. The team watches film of today's practice in Ann Arbor for 20 minutes.
9:24 -- Conlan rolls into the team room and announces "The band's in town."
9:48 -- The film session ends and the players get a late night snack before calling it a night. Trey Burke dribbles a tennis ball at the table while eating his food.
9:58 -- Beilein departs the meeting and heads to his room. He tells Lee to remind the players that lights out is 11 p.m. because Thursday will be a busy day for the Wolverines.

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