U-M Takes Part in NCAA Tournament Press Conference, Practice

March 15, 2012

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Thursday, March 15
9:30 -- The managers go through the hotel and provide wake up calls for the players.
9:47 -- The PR staff gets in a taxi to go to Bridgestone Arena.
9:57 -- Players begin arriving for the breakfast while the coaching staff has already been there for a few minutes.
10:07 -- The public relations directors meeting begins in Meeting Rooms D-G on the main concourse. Representatives from every institution and Westwood One Radio were present as the NCAA went over the media particulars for the tournament.
11:33 -- John Beilein comes down elevator to the lobby and asks a group of staff, "What's the weather like out there today?" He heads outside to enjoy some of the sunny, 70 degree temperatures before departing the hotel.
11:37 -- Travis Conlan spends time with the bus driver regarding travel to the practice gym at Tennessee State.
11:43 -- Senior Corey Person and freshman Carlton Brundidge are the first two players to get on the bus for practice. They grab an Orange Gatorade from the cooler right outside the bus to keep hydrating themselves.
11:47 -- John DoRosario tells all the players "Get hydrated! Keep drinking the liquids."
11:49 -- C.J. Lee makes fun of Jon Horford, "I knew you'd wear a tank top in this weather. You want to show off your muscles."
11:51 -- The bus pulls away from the hotel and heads the five miles to Tennessee State for the light practice. The TV's show the early action of the NCAA Tournament with the first few minutes of the Kansas State-Southern Mississippi game showing before reaching the destination.
12:03 -- The bus arrives at McClendon Court and everyone jumps off heads into the facility. Administrator Brian Townsend asks John DoRosario and others around him, "Who is going to be our X factor?" Half of the group said Evan Smotrycz and the others said Jordan Morgan.
12:06 -- Temple just finishes practicing and heads out of the gym as the Wolverines wait
Stu Douglass and Blake McLimans are the first players to get out and take shots on the court. Brundidge heads to the far end to get some shots up. Beilein and Temple coach Fran Dunphy spend about five minutes catching up and talking about the upcoming games in the regional. Beilein and the coaching staff watch as the players shoot around for approximately eight minutes before Beilein tells everyone to get on the sideline so Strength Coach Jon Sanderson can run them through warm-ups.
12:18 -- A light practice starts with Beilein going through the objectives for the 67-minute session. Bacari Alexander takes the six big men down to the far end for drill work while the guards go with LaVall Jordan and Jeff Meyer to work on driving and jump shooting from the wing at the near end. Beilein surveys the action at both ends and offers any insight and encouragement that he feels is necessary. A small crowd of young kids sit in the upper deck to watch the Wolverines practice.
12:24 -- Beilein calls the team and goes over instructions for the next phase of practice. They go 2-on-2 with the emphasis on the defensive game plan for Ohio University. The squad works on doubling the guard so they can get the ball out of his hands.
12:37 -- The starters and key reserves run in-bound plays on the baseline while the 'look' team goes over plays to run against the starters in the next session.
12:48 -- A full 5-on-5 session begins with the 'look' team running Ohio's plays for the team's starting five and reserves.
1:06 -- The team worked on last second plays for approximately five minutes.
1:12 -- The starters ran offensive sets against the 'look' team before spend the final 13 minutes working on free throws. LaVall Jordan ran the dribbling drills with the players in the middle of the court with players not shooting free throws.
1:25 -- Practice ends and Michigan Sports Television employee Anthony Polidano and Matt Shepard grab Tim Hardaway, Zack Novak and Coach Beilein for the website and the school's news service feed.
1:28 -- Townsend and Conlan get into a competition and begin shooting threes from about 24 feet. They unload a rack of balls before Conlan knocks down the first shot. Josh Bartelstein tells everyone "Watch out and take cover." Townsend gets serious, untucks his dress shirt, and finally drains one. That's it for Townsend as Conlan puts on show for the players draining multiple fade away 3s. One of the players comments, "Trav, you still got it." To which Conlan comments, "Weight is what I got."
1:32 -- Bacari Alexander tells Jordan Morgan as he walks by ... "It's great to see you smiling." Morgan comments "It's because I don't have to see you for a few hours."
1:37 -- Beilein rounds everyone up and tells them to get on the bus. Upon entering the bus, players tell Beilein that his Buffalo Bills signed the top defensive lineman in free agency, Mario Williams of the Houston Texans.
1:52 -- The bus pulls into the hotel and everyone heads upstairs to their rooms before lunch. Matt Shepard sits with Jordan Morgan to tape the pre-game radio interview for the Michigan Radio Network.
2:04 -- Beilein instructs the players that lunch is ready and that they can begin eating. Players ask Alexander if he is listening to 'Zack Novak' rap because that sounds like what he has on his Apple laptop. Novak gets out of his seat and goes over to listen to the rap music Alexander is bouncing to.
2:09 -- Alexander and Jordan ask the server, Perry, to give their compliments to the chef on the food prepared for the team. Perry comes back with the lead chef and both thank him for the great food. Alexander says its so good that he thought the hotel locked his grandmother in the kitchen.
2:11 -- Alexander provides a pearl of wisdom to the managers ... "Always treat the people that prepare your food really, really well."
2:47 -- Beilein, Townsend, Conlan and Wywrot head to the mandatory NCAA pre-tournament meeting held at Bridgestone Arena.
3:19 -- The NCAA Meeting starts with introductions of all parties in attendance. The NCAA goes over sportsmanship, timeouts, pre-game national anthem format, television format, bench and player uniform policies, media obligations and a few other requirements.
3:20 -- The bus leaves the hotel to come over to the arena with the players and assistant coaches. This is the first glimpse of the facility for the Wolverines -- court, locker room, training room and press areas.
3:45 -- Players Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway, Stu Douglass and Zack Novak represent the program at the NCAA press conference while the remaining players are available to the media in the 30-minute open locker room.
3:48 -- Beilein and the other coaches are excused from the NCAA Meeting to go handle their team obligations.
3:54 -- Beilein meets with the Westwood One Radio crew. He tapes a four-minute interview with play-by-play announcer Brad Sham for the pre-game show and spends a few minutes talking with Pete Gillian for the broadcast.
4:01-- Beilein goes to the podium for 15 minutes to talk with the media about tomorrow's match-up with Ohio and what has transpired thus far on the trip for the Wolverines.
4:15 -- Michigan's open locker room for media closes and players begin preparing for the open practice.
4:18 -- Beilein returns to the locker room to complete his practice schedule. He spends time with the coaches to confer on what they should focus on during their 40-minute session.
4:25.30 -- Michigan hit the court at the Bridgestone Arena. The players shot around and did a bunch of individual shooting drills so the players can find their shots.
4:44 -- The staff makes fun of Hardaway as he dribbles around the court. C.J. Lee tells him, "Lookin' good, Tim. Nice sweat. Give the people what they want." He laughs it off and heads to another side of the court.
4:46 -- Alexander passes shots to the players from the baseline and provides great commentary ... "You like those seam?" "Thanks for the assist." Tim, you lookin' pretty. Matt, I don't know if they got the memo that you're the best shooter in the country."
4:51 -- Players take free throws at both ends with the reserve big men working on a passing drill with Alexander.
5:00 -- Novak goes in for a dunk at one end and Matt Vogrich knocks down a three at the other. The final four minutes of the open practice is spent dunking and taking exotic shots.
5:03 -- Douglass banks in a three-pointer from a seated position on team bench. He knocked down the shot on his first attempt.
5:11 -- The staff and some players watch games in the hallway before before departing for the hotel. The players have just over an hour before they head out for a nice dinner.
6:50 -- Players begin arriving at the bus for the ride to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. They go to dinner out as a team before returning to the hotel.
9:31-- Beilein and the staff hold a brief film session before having a light snack. The players are required to be in their rooms with the lights out by 11 p.m.

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