2003-04 BKM vs. Missouri -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "That was a very exciting game. I was really impressed with our fans and our students, especially. They made this an atmosphere that helped us win. Missouri is a great team and fought hard to get back in the game late. We missed some free throws late but were able to make up for it with big rebounds from Chris Hunter. I am very excited to get a postseason win for this team."

On Daniel Horton's play late in the game ... "Down the stretch Horton was the Daniel of old. He made some very big baskets for us and took control of the game when we needed him to."

On playing in the NIT ... "We are proud to be in the NIT and we played like a basketball team tonight. I am glad we had the opportunity to play a challenging team like Missouri in the first round. Everyone knows the background Quin (Snyder) and I share. It was a great tournament game. The fact that we are in the NIT is a great accomplishment for this team. We are very proud to be invited into the NIT. To win our 19th tonight and have the chance to win our 20th, I think will be very beneficial for us in the future."

On responding to Missouri's 20-3 run in the second half ... "They showed a lot. We grew a great amount tonight. They came back and went on a big run, but we responded and I think it showed how much this team grew throughout the season."

On Chris Hunter's late offensive rebounds off missed free throws ... "Hunter was alive and active in there. We missed a few free throws down the stretch but Chris came up with two major, major rebounds for us on the offensive glass. Those were major rebounds for us."

On the crowd ... "The crowd was very loud, and yes, we noticed them. The students were standing up and leading the chants and that energized our players. They were phenomenal. Our players know that; that was the first thing they said: they energized our players tonight."

On the play of Bernard Robinson Jr. ... "He caught fire, but it went out on the free throw line. The lane opened up for him and he is very dangerous when he can find some space to cut to the basket."

U-M Senior Bernard Robinson Jr.

On the game ... "It was a tough game, but it was a great atmosphere out there. I give them a lot of credit, they were hard to stop. I think our guys stepped up and made some big plays down the stretch."

On the second-half strategy ... "We had to get it in our heads that we needed to attack their zone. No matter what the circumstances, we had to make sure we made the extra pass. The guys made some great passes and we were attacking the right places in the second half."

U-M Sophomore Daniel Horton

On the win ... "It's a great feeling to get a win in postseason. It's a great step forward for our program. It was a great atmosphere and our fans really showed up today. The Maize Rage and the student section were especially great. They helped push us to the finish line at the end."

On the key to the second half ... "We had to get out and run and box out. We tried to hold them to one shot and keep the ball out of (Arthur) Johnson's hands. When we were able to make them miss and get out and run, good things happened for us."

On the game-winning basket ... "I was trying to penetrate. When I got the ball, I drove, and they didn't come and help in time and I was able to get the floater off in the lane. It was a great play by Courtney (Sims) to swing the ball around and give me a chance to make the play."

Missouri Coach Quin Snyder

Opening statement ... "I feel bad for our team. We had opportunities, particularly on the defensive foul line. We gave them second possessions. It is a tough way to end. I am going to try and tell our guys that as bad as they feel about not realizing some of their goals, they are still terrific men. They are really disappointed now, as we all are, as we should be."

On the team's motivation ... "It is a tough game. Michigan came through in the end but we were in position. We hit the shot to tie it and had our opportunities. When we were down three on our end, it was just a natural reaction for Arthur (Johnson) to put that ball back up."

On Michigan's offensive rebounds ... "We just didn't drive them out as far as we should have. Those guys are longer and taller than us. If you don't drive them off the line, they can come up over you."

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