Friday Wolverine Timeline

March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16
9:07 -- Assistant coaches watch film of Ohio and other potential opponents in the seating area outside the team meeting and meal room.
9:23 -- Managers tape off a basketball court in the Kirkland and Calhoun rooms for the team's walk thru later in the morning.
9:37 -- Bacari Alexander is sitting in the team room by himself working on some last-minute film evaluation of Ohio U. Alexander was a former Ohio assistant coach and is responsible for the scouting of today's opponent.
9:46 -- Travis Conlan arrives in the team and meal area and states, "It a great day for basketball."
9:51 -- Zack Novak and Josh Bartelstein are the first players to arrive. Alexander begins to engage with every player that comes into the room. He serves as the unofficial greeter for everyone's arrival. Alexander tells Novak, "You look refreshed and ready to go." To which Novak states, "I fee like a champ. Slept like a rock. Feeling great today."
9:57 -- The birthday boy arrives on the scene and receives wishes from everyone... Happy Birthday, Tim! "How old are you today," says Alexander. Hardaway says that he turns 20 today.
10:01 -- John Beilein and Alexander discuss what to go over regarding Ohio U. during this morning's meeting.
10:16 -- Alexander leaves the table and states, "Showtime!"
10:17 -- Beilein opens the team meeting with the same series of questions he asks every day and after a few comments turns it over to Alexander.
10:19 -- Alexander takes over and brings his usually high level of enthusiasm to the meeting. "I like that you guys have come in here today refreshed, enthusiastic and recharged." Alexander spends the next 12 minutes going over Ohio's inbound plays and they go over the Bobcats personnel. The point that Alexander continues to make over and over again to the Wolverines is "Ohio needs space to be effective."
10:32 -- The meeting portion ends and the team and staff move across the way to the Kirkland and Calhoun rooms for the walk thru. They spend the next 48 minutes going through their walk thru.
11:27 -- Alexander returns to the team room and talks about how well this group of players have formed a TEAM. You know what they say about team, "Together Everyone Accomplishes More. We are a great example of that. We have been successful because these players have worked together all year. They are resilient."
1:53 -- After a few hours off to do their own thing, the players started arriving for the meeting.
1:58 -- Beilein asks the staff, "We ready? Let's go." Beilein starts the meeting by asking the players if anyone took a walk around Vanderbilt's campus. A couple of the players say that they did and that it's a nice looking campus. They begin going over their fast facts for the game, led by Beilein. Each player covers a topic from the sheet and at the end Beilein speaks.
2:14 -- The players and staff eat their pre-game meal before retreating to their room for some down time before leaving the hotel for the game. Beilein reminds everyone that the bus leaves at 4:45 p.m.
4:32 -- Alexander and Meyer are the first two coaches to hop on the bus and sit in their usual seats.
4:35 -- Bartelstein is the first player to arrive at the bus on the seat outside the front of the hotel. Matt Vogrich and Blake McLimans follow four minutes later and one minute after that Tim Hardaway arrives on the scene.
4:41 -- The remainder of the team piles onto the bus over the next two minutes.
4:49 -- Beilein walks onto the bus and heads straight to the back, clapping his hand three times, saying, "Are you ready? This is what you have worked hard for all season. Go out and have fun." The bus pulls away and circles the hotel and heads the 1.7 miles to the arena. The players listen to their music and mentally prepare for the game scheduled to start in approximately 90 minutes.
4:58 -- The bus arrives at the loading dock and the players and coaches go thru the security door and into the lower concourse to the locker room.
5:07 -- Novak and Stu Douglass arrive at the locker room, leading their team into the NCAA Tournament for the third and final time in their career.
5:18 -- The players and assistant coaches begin making their way to the court for pre-game warm-ups, while Beilein gets the talking points ready on the white board in the locker room.
5:41 -- The Wolverines return to the locker room for their pre-game speech and recap of key points from the scouting report. Beilein and each of the coaches give some inspirational points to the players before sending them out to the court. Beilein reminds them, "It's our time! This is what we've been working hard for all year. We have talked about it since the summer and you guys have hung together as a team. It's our time!"
5:52 -- Michigan leaves the locker room and heads back onto the court for the remainder of warm-ups and the playing of the national anthem by the Michigan Pep Band.
6:06 -- Beilein and the coaching staff leave the floor for the last time before the game. The players meet at mid court and listen to Novak before running off the court.
6:13 -- The cheerleaders lead the Big Ten co-champion Wolverines out of the tunnel and onto the Bridgestone Arena floor with a little more than three minutes remaining in warmups.
6:17 -- Pre-game announcements and introductions are made over the public address system.
6:20 -- The game tips off with the Bobcats taking the opening possession. Ivo Baltic scores the game's first points on jumper from the right wing. OU builds a 5-0 lead before back-to-back baskets from Trey Burke and Hardaway.
6:45 -- Michigan and Ohio go back and forth over the first 12 minutes. The Bobcats take a 22-20 edge into the media timeout at 7:56. Reggie Keely knocks down two free throws out of the timeout to move the OU lead to 24-20.
7:07 -- The Wolverines trailed by 13 points late in the half but rallied with a 7-0 run to cut the deficit to 35-29. Burke finished with a dunk, Hardaway knocked down a three and Evan Smotrycz tipped in a shot to finish cut the deficit in half.
7:30 -- The second-half action started with Michigan putting the ball into play. The Wolverines were unable to score and OU's Baltic hit a jumper as the shot clock expired, much like he started the game with the opening bucket.
7:59 -- Burke leads the comeback with 12 points over the final 8:35. He knocks down a pair of threes, a two-point bucket and four free throws during the stretch after being held scoreless in the first 12 minutes of the second frame.
8:18 -- The game and season ends for the Wolverines, falling 65-60 to the Bobcats. U-M had four chances to tie the game with a three-pointer in the final minute but is unable to get the equalizer.
8:20 -- The coaching staff meets in the hallway before entering the locker room to speak with the team.
8:23 -- Beilein talks about the game, the season and the seniors that established the foundation for the future of the program. He tells the player how proud of this TEAM they are and that they did something special this season. They can leave with their heads high even though their NCAA dream didn't end the way they wanted it to.
8:33 -- Beilein and seniors Douglass and Novak head to the NCAA Press Conference while the remainder of the team and staff remains in the locker room for the 30-minute open locker room session with the media.
9:03 -- The Michigan locker room closes to the media.
9:37 -- The bus pulls away from the loading dock at Bridgestone Arena and heads back to the Loews Hotel. The team and staff head upstairs for a team meal before calling it a night. Some of the players visit with their families after they grab a bite to eat.

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