The Bartelstein Blog: March Madness, Big Ten Wrap-Up, No Sirens?

March 18, 2013

Senior guard Josh Bartelstein begins his senior season and his third year writing the J-Bart Blog. He will give all Wolverine fans an inside look into the program and life outside of basketball during the 2012-13 season.

What's up everyone?

March Madness has arrived!

It doesn't matter if you are the No. 1 overall seed or the last team selected in -- March Madness is all about the hope of making a special memory. I still get butterflies every time the brackets are announced. It might not be as nerve-racking as it was a couple years ago, but seeing Michigan flash across the board is something that never gets old.

For the last three years, every Saturday night before the bracket is announced, I watch the previous season's One Shining Moment. It gets you to realize how incredible the next month is going to be. From Cinderella stories to game-winning shots, this month is a young basketball player's dream growing up and now we are all living it!

That is the message for our team going forward. There is no pressure, a new season is starting and we are just going to have a ton of fun. We get to play in front of our home fans and hopefully Auburn Hills is full of fans rocking Maize and Blue. Thursday can't get here soon enough!

Reflecting on the Big Ten Tournament, I thought we played 70 really good minutes of basketball -- the Penn State game and about 30 of the 40 minutes against Wisconsin. Unfortunately, when you play really good teams like the Badgers, you can't have bad stretches. Wisconsin is the definition of a solid team. They don't make mistakes to hurt themselves. You can beat them, but you have to play extremely hard and incredibly smart. This means the angles you take closing out, who you double off of and the rotations we are making.

We did those things at times really well in the game, which means we CAN do it. It would be one thing if we didn't see glimpses of playing sound solid defense in games, but we have done and will do it going forward! This is why I'm very confident we are going to make a run in the tournament. The light is going to go on for all of us and now it is just being consistent!

Off the court, the Big Ten Tournament and NCAA Tournament always make me wonder one big question. You always get a police escort to the games, but why don't the police turn its lights on?

What is the point of having an escort if you don't get to go through stop lights and make cars get out of the way? The police car just drives in front of us like any other car. It drives me crazy every time it happens and I always think maybe this year it will change. It never does!

With that it is off to class as I try to catch up on work with all the missed classes pilling up. I look forward to seeing a ton of you at the open practice on Wednesday and the game Thursday night.

We love playing at home, so let's make Auburn Hills Crisler Center West!

Have a great week!

Go Blue!

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