Court Vision with C.J. Lee: The Change, The Unknowing Future, The Pride

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
TUESDAY, MARCH24 -- The Change, The Unknowing Future, The Pride

You set goals with intention of reaching them. You set goals to push yourself to the limit. It was well documented that our goal for this season was to make it to the NCAA Tournament. We achieved that goal and did our best to advance as far into the tournament as we possibly could.

As a senior, I was proud to be a part of this team and happy that this team did not stop until we put Michigan back into the national picture. The players left in the program have their work cut out for them because sustaining this level of success will take an even greater effort. I am confident that they are up for the challenge.

The Clemson and the Oklahoma game were unbelievable experiences.

Playing on that big of a stage with so much on the line was something that I will remember for my entire life. I was so happy for our fans because it honestly feels like they have been waiting for something to cheer about for a long time. Our fans should be very optimistic about the future of our program, but they should also realize that winning takes time, a little luck, hard work and unconditional support.

The season is over with and I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I always knew the day would come where my time in a Michigan jersey would be over with. Now that I am experiencing it firsthand, I must say that it is a little sad and weird to be an ex-player now. You work so hard to get somewhere and to achieve specific goals and the drop off is immediate once your time is done.

Saturday after our loss to Oklahoma, I sat in our hotel lobby with David, Jevohn and a few other players talking about the experience. David talked about how it was a weird feeling knowing your playing career was over and how this stage or platform to make a difference will never comeback.

That is the thing I am most proud of with respect to our senior class. The fact that we used this stage or platform as an opportunity to make a difference in a program that we love can never be taken from us.

People may criticize the talent level of our senior class but they will never be able to question our drive and dedication. Our program, our coaches, our players and our senior class have been criticized, slept on, and written off for two years. But if anyone wants to challenge the resolve and fight of the Michigan Basketball program, I will hear none of it.

On Monday we had our end of the season meeting. The players remaining received their spring workout schedule while David, Jevohn and I listened as Coach Beilein talked about where we go from here.

It is amazing to me how quickly goals can change.

At the end of the laundry list of things for our players to do, the sheet stated, "Let's work every day to get another step closer to hunting a national championship. Success will breed more success if we all understand what it takes."

I can honestly say that I did not realize we were in the hunt to win a national championship until the game versus Oklahoma was over. It hit me that other teams could not even compete for a national title because they did not make the field of 65.

Our team was not and is not satisfied by just making the NCAA Tournament. I do not feel that it is a stretch to say that our program is hunting a NCAA Championship.

Michigan is a school with great tradition and history, and having high expectations is something that should be embraced.

Getting to the NCAA Tournament was great, beating Clemson was great, and playing Oklahoma in the second round was great.

Being in the hunt to win a national championship is what you play college basketball to accomplish. It is amazing how quickly goals can change!

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