Novak Continuing to Inspire Young Athletes Through His Skills Camp
Zack Novak

July 17, 2012

By Morgan Bailey

His Michigan jersey has been put away forever, the No. 0 stored away, leaving the fans with memories of clutch shots, heroic hustle plays and the echoes of cheers throughout Crisler Center. Even though he will not step on the court and play for the Maize and Blue again, Zack Novak is far from being done impacting the basketball community.

Recently graduated from Michigan's prestigious Ross School of Business, the three-time Wolverine captain is still in Ann Arbor training every day at the William Davidson Player Development Center, getting his game ready for when he heads overseas to continue his career.

Before he leaves, however, he has decided to give back to the communities that have shown him endless support over the past four years by hosting his own skills camp, appropriately titled "Zack Novak Shooting Academy."

"It was something that I had thought about for a while. I had a camp back home in Chesterton (Indiana) planned for a couple of months and then some people I know were telling me that I should put one on around Ann Arbor," Novak recalls on how he got involved with the project.

Growing up in Indiana, Novak often attended basketball camps that inspired him to host his own.

"I went to this camp back home by Matt Nover," said Novak. "He used to play at Indiana and overseas. He would come back and run a camp. That was the one that really made me want to come back and do my own."

Drawing from that inspiration as a young player, Novak wanted to have that same effect on the young basketball players around Ann Arbor.

"I wanted to be able to do something around the Ann Arbor area so that kids from around here can come to the camp and learn a few things."

After hosting a camp earlier this summer in his hometown, Novak will take those experiences to improve the local camp that will take place July 30-Aug. 1 in Dexter, Mich.

"The Dexter camp will be a little different," said Novak. "This one will be a little bigger in terms of number of people. I had never hosted my own camp before, so I had to learn quite a bit, but now I am more prepared and I have a feel for the flow of the day and different things to do and the best way to get through to the kids."

Novak has plenty of experience helping out at Michigan basketball camps, but he says it is completely different when it is his own. "It's a different feeling between working at a camp and when your name is on it. You really have to deliver then."

Known for his shooting, Novak will focus on that aspect of the game, though it is not the only emphasis of the camp. Novak says that he will touch on every part of the game, but the main draw will be the shooting aspect and offensive skills.

After seeing how these first camps go, Novak hopes to continue his camp in future summers.

"The plan is if all goes well then I would like to be able to do this for a while. Right now, I just want to take this first one and see how everything goes."

There is no doubt that several wide-eyed young players will be eager to learn everything that Novak has to teach. His jersey may be put away, but his legacy lives on as he strives to inspire the young players that he was just years ago.

For more information about the camp, visit Novak's website.

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