Italy Day 8: Manager Musings with Devon Mulry
Aug. 27, 2014

Michigan in Italy Central

In my first blog I wrote about how this foreign tour was happening at the perfect time due to our growing and youthful team. I thought a nine-day trip would be great for camaraderie as well as a growing experience for all of our players, particularly the ones who had never been out of the country before. I was interested to hear if our players thought this was actually the case after dinner on our final night in Italy.

After dessert, Coach Beilein asked each player to stand up and share their thoughts on the trip and the experience as a whole. Starting with the freshmen, Kam volunteered right away to talk about his experience. He spoke about how he got to know a lot more about his teammates, especially his roommate Zak and how it was good to finally play as a group instead of just playing against each other in open gyms. Ricky then added that without having cell service and spotty at best WiFi throughout the trip, everyone spent a ton more time conversing and getting to know each other.

As the rest of the team went through and shared their thoughts, many shared the same opinions on team bonding, while others thanked our tour guides and Coach Beilein for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Spike in particular added that he's never been overseas before and experiencing Italian culture first hand really broadened his horizons. He thanked everyone for being a part of this incredible experience.

Once the players and rest of the staff, Coach Beilein had a few closing remarks and added that he thinks this team can really do something special this year.

I think he might be right.

Thanks again everyone for reading, we're looking forward to another great year.

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