Inside the Huddle with Jon Horford
Jon Horford

Aug. 30, 2012

After playing nine games in the 2011-12 season, Jon Horford sustained a season-ending foot injury that forced him to watch the team's success from the sideline. Now fully recovered from that injury, Horford is entering his junior year ready to make up for the time that he lost.

Earlier this summer, Horford traveled to spend time with his brother, NBA player Al Horford, who attempted to lead the Dominican Republic National Team to a trip to London for the 2012 Olympics.

In an exclusive interview with Morgan Bailey from, Horford discussed both of those experiences, along with his expectations for the season and his personal goals.

On what it was like missing the majority of the season due to a foot injury ... "It was tough. Of course, you always want to be out there and help contribute to the team and feel like you are more a part of the team. You just have to deal with the situations that you are handed, and that was something that I had to work through the entire year. I had to adjust to not being able to play, even if I wanted to. That's a lot different than just being benched."

On if he has fully recovered from that injury ... "Definitely. I feel like I am fully recovered and it was a good opportunity for me to sit back and watch and be a true student of the game."

On what he gained from watching his brother, Al Horford, and the Dominican Republic National Team ... "The main thing I would take from that experience is watching my brother and watching the way that he does things. What I would take from that is patience and how he slows his game down. My coach is always telling me that I am in too much of a rush, so that has been one of my main emphases this spring and summer to slow my game down and let the game come to me more."

On if his brother gives him advice on the way he is playing ... "Not really. We kind of do our own thing. He will say stuff to me sometimes. Mainly he says something to me about offense or how I'm playing my defense or specific things from games. And of course, I try to correct him on his jump shot."

On how the team is handling all of the hype surrounding the upcoming season ... "Hopefully the team takes all of the hype and throws it out the window. If you give in to the hype, you never know what could happen. It could totally backfire on you or it can end up working out great. I just feel it is best to play like you are any other team and just go out there and do your best."

On his goals for the upcoming season ... "We want to win every game. We want to be undefeated at home. We want to be undefeated period. We want to win the Big Ten, win the Big Ten Tournament and win a national title. We know in order to reach such lofty goals, hard work is what will help us and I feel we can do that."

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