The Bartelstein Blog: I Am Back, Questions Answered, Chef Horford
Josh Bartelstein

What's up everyone?

I am back for yet another year!

I hope you all had a great summer and are getting ready for what should be a very exciting year for Michigan basketball. We started school Tuesday, which means this is the first week we have been able to work out as a team this fall. Up to this point, the focus has been on growing stronger, getting in tip-top shape and honing our skills through our individual workouts.

Since the end of last season, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this team. Coming off winning a Big Ten title and returning so many key players, it is no surprise that so many "experts" expect us to be good.

But the message around the locker room is clear -- nothing is guaranteed.

Anyone who has been here during the last three years knows how much hard work has gone into becoming a championship-level program. It is a season-long journey, which started two days ago and hopefully ends sometime in April, but you can't skip steps along the way.

The only way we can be a good team is by putting in the work every day, and I have no doubt that it will be done. We have enjoyed going from being the hunter to the hunted, but our approach will not change one bit in how we build on that success!

Besides people asking me how good this team can be, the question I get asked the most is, "how do the freshmen look?"

The freshmen have been extremely impressive all summer. Most importantly, they are great kids who fit the Michigan culture. Obviously they are extremely talented, with Mitch (McGary) getting rebound after rebound, Glenn (Robinson III) dunking on people, Nik (Stauskas) hitting threes, Caris (LeVert) slashing to the rim and Spike (Albrecht) dropping dimes.

But their ability to learn and pick things up on the fly is what has been most impressive. Playing in the Big Ten as a freshman is no easy task, but all of them are beginning to understand how hard they have to work and what it takes to win games in the toughest conference in the country.

On a much more important note, I have new roommates. With the departure of Zack (Novak) and Stu (Douglass), joining me in the house is Tim (Hardaway Jr.), Jordan (Morgan) and Jon (Horford).

Jon has taken over our beautiful and vast basement. With those three moving in, the amount of stories we should have will be inordinate, but I will start you out with this one.

Jon thinks he is some kind of master chef. He cooks every meal every day -- the messes he makes are a whole different story -- but when he starts cooking he doesn't really know what he is cooking yet.

He just pulls things out of the fridge and begins making something. It is a sight to see. But the best part of Jon is that he only knows how to make family-size portions. When he cooks these stews, it is enough to serve our entire team, yet Jon is cooking just for himself. I mean, he makes so much food that we don't need to leave the house for a month.

Many of you have to be wondering why Jon doesn't just reduce each of the ingredients he cooks with. Well, he claims if he tries to reduce the size of the meal, he will ruin the proportion of ingredients he has in there. He just doesn't know how to cook for himself.

You may also be asking yourself why we don't just eat some of the food he makes for our dinner and the reason is simple. As I said before, Jon never really knows what he is making until he is done. So I don't trust him enough to make something good enough for my dinner!

Moral of the story, if anyone is hungry and wants to come eat dinner, our house always has a ton of leftovers.

I will continue writing all year as I have done the past couple years. Hopefully, I will see many of you at the football game this weekend as we beat Air Force and start a long winning streak.

Stay tuned all year as we plan on putting some more stuff into the blog, like videos! Still working on the details.

Until then, you can write in questions and comments to as always. I will be giving away tickets to home games again this year so make sure you follow!

Go Blue!

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